Grade 3/4
MEASUREMENT – HEIGHT AND LENGTH 3/4 have been exploring measurement in maths and comparing their height to the width of a long jump to see if how far they can jump depends on their height. In groups, they used a tape measure, chalk and an an outside space to do long jump (no run off)....
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The Grade 3/4 Newsletter for Term 1 can be read by clicking here.
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Students in Grade 3 and 4 have been working on their understanding of place value. In particular they have been using expanded notation to express large numbers in different ways. For example, the number 25,482 can be expressed as 2,548 tens. Following whole class discussions the students consolidated their understanding by practising their knowledge using...
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As part of the integrated focus in Animal Science this Term, Grade 3/4 students had the opportunity to experience Healesville Animal Sanctuary on Tuesday 5th December, 2017.
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  Having a huge focus on Narratives in Term 3 meant that a book review poster seemed a wonderful way to reflect on all the hard work they had put into their writing and VCOP this Term.
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As part of this Term’s topic (Full of Energy), students at the 3/4 level have been designing, rehearsing and delivering presentations about renewable and non renewable energy sources.
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In previous lessons students learned about variables and how to conduct a fair test. Following on from this the students then designed their own
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Grade 3/4H has been having fun learning all about fractions with hands on tasks and games including a fractions chatterbox!   We learnt how fractions are related to decimals and how they can come in very handy – especially if we are using money or eating pizza!     Everyone now has a better understanding of...
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  Grade 3/4 students have been exploring heat through a range of student designed experiments. A simple initial experiment saw them measure the changing temperature in a glass of warm and cold water. Using the same thermometer, type of cup and amount of water they discussed the only variable being the initial water temperature.   Following this experiment students...
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