Andrew Robinson
On Wednesday 24th April, the day before ANZAC day, the year 5 and 6 students were honoured to attend an ANZAC day service at the war memorial in Box Hill. The students represented our school proudly, showing respect for the solemnity of the day and the importance it holds for so many. Our school captains,...
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October 2018 Grade 5 and 6 Enjoy Our Annual Swimming Lessons Over the past two weeks the Grade 5 and 6 students (along with the Grade 3s and 4s) have been involved in a swimming program at Kew Recreation Centre. We have had the chance to shore up our swimming skills in the lead up...
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August 2018   Building Resilience and Pushing Our Boundaries on Camp The Year 5s and 6s had a thoroughly enjoyable time on camp this year. We were involved in many different activities aimed at building teamwork and communicative skills, determination, and our ability to deal with adversity. On Monday, we took the long bus ride...
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August 2018 Learning About Characterisation in 5/6   In preparation for writing our own narratives, students in years 5 and 6 spent some time investigating how to develop interesting and complex characters. We explored how different authors portray the elements of their characters in their writing. In particular we considered a character’s… Personality Appearance Likes...
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The 1/2 students have been learning to play and say numerous rhythm patterns.         Students love playing the percussion instruments and today they played a musical version of Follow The Leader. Each student got to play one of the many rhythms they have learnt so far and the class would copy them....
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The 3/4 students had a great outdoor lesson today practicing their syncopated rhythms.       Students chose a percussion instrument and went out to our new soccer pitch where they practised playing in time and changing rhythm patterns.   
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The year 5/6 and 1/2 students enjoyed playing two of their favourite games in music this week.       The first game is called Moving Detectives. One student is chosen as the leader and one student is chosen as the detective. Students stand in a circle and when the music starts the leader moves...
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The Preps enjoyed a music lesson exploring high and low sounds through playing instruments. This year’s Prep class is the biggest we have had for several years. They are an excellent cohort and they love their music lessons.  
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Grade 3/4H has been having fun learning all about fractions with hands on tasks and games including a fractions chatterbox!   We learnt how fractions are related to decimals and how they can come in very handy – especially if we are using money or eating pizza!     Everyone now has a better understanding of...
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