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Prep W has been learning about gravity and push & pull, as part of our Integrated Unit ‘On The Move’. We made paper helicopters! We discussed that they are being ‘pulled’ to the ground by gravity and that air is ‘pushing’ back up against the helicopter propellers. We loved seeing our paper helicopters spin to...
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The 1/2 students enjoyed a fantastic incursion to finish their integrated unit on Mini Beasts. Students learnt about what makes a happy compost bin by dressing up as farmers, insects, birds, earthworms and the sun. We also explored the vegie patch to see how many mini beasts we could find. All in all it was...
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At Belle Vue, we believe that helping students learn how to be socially and emotionally healthy and happy, is one of our most important jobs. As part of the Social and Emotional Learning our students do, we give students opportunities to practise mindfulness. Practising mindfulness can assist with enhancing focus, managing stress and practising self-control. (To...
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Recently the level 3/4 students have been learning about Location and Mapping in Maths. We connected this unit of work to our Integrated Topic ‘Time Travel’, where we are discovering how our local area has changed over time and are studying the book ‘My Place’. Students created a map of ‘our place’, our school, Belle...
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Multicultural Day 2019 was a fantastic day for students and teachers. We learnt lots about the Aboriginal culture, had lots of fun and also laughed a lot! Click on the link to read about our day or to see some photos ==>  Multicultural Day Newsletter 2019
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One of Prep W’s favourite activities is Maths Play Based Learning! On Fridays we explore counting patterns, ordering numbers, dominoes, number puzzles and a whole lot more. A popular activity is putting together the 100 square. The children work really well together to find the right numbers, and pick up on the patterns within the...
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We have been keeping busy in the Italian classroom. All grades have been focusing on greetings, getting to know you language and learning how to express how they feel in the Italian language. The prep students have been learning basic words and gestures to respond to the question ‘Come stai?’ (How are you?). They have...
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The 2019 Preps have made a wonderful start to their schooling! Every single day is met with enthusiasm, laughter, kindness and a can do attitude! Here’s a selection of photos of what we’ve been up to! *Meeting and playing with our buddies *Clapping & dancing in music *Counting and making numbers with play dough *Matching pictures...
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In Prep, our Integrated topic for this term is ‘Weather in my World’. This week the ‘Big Question’ we explored in Prep G was ‘how and why does it rain?’ We began by thinking about when after it rains and there’s puddles on the ground, where does the rain go? Does it just disappear? How? We...
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This week during Maths, 3/4 have been learning about the perimeter (fence) and the area (field) of rectangles, squares and polygons. They worked in small groups and compared areas by measuring the area of rectangles (including squares) by counting the number of square centimetres. They also worked out perimeter with familiar objects around the classroom...
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