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During term 4 the students in grade Prep have been learning all about dance in the music time. Students have had fun learning about lots of different styles of dance including partner dances, traditional dances, rock & roll and our favourite, hip hop!  
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The students in grades 3 and 4 have enjoyed dancing as part of our music program this year. Students have danced to many different styles of music and have discussed the many varied ways that we can move to these different styles.
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We took some Prep students to Glass St Kindergarten this week, as part of the transition program. Our students loved the woodwork table and the fish! We then talked about what school is like and demonstrated how to pack our own school bag and undo the containers in our lunch boxes. Ms Woodhouse read a...
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Our Grade 4 students recently visited Bellevue Kindergarten.   They had a wonderful time interacting with 4 year old groups, and the Grade 4’s cannot wait to be big buddies next year! Bellevue Kinder will visit us at school soon, so they can learn what ‘big school’ will be like! This is all part of...
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Recently Belle Vue celebrated Book Week! We held a special book day, which saw students dress up as their favourite book character. In the morning we all came together to parade our wonderful costumes! It was a beautiful morning and it was great to see many students and teachers really getting into their character! Then...
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In Mathematics, the level 3/4 students have been learning about Volume, Mass and Capacity through a range of hands-on activities. They used different measuring instruments to measure and compare the masses, capacities and volume of a variety of objects. When exploring capacity, students were given a range of scaled instruments with water in them. They...
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  This term the grade 3/4 students have been exploring Heat Energy as part of their Integrated Studies topic. They have been learning about how heat energy can transfer through radiation, convection and conduction. The students have been involved in conducting a series of experiments. The first experiment saw the students measuring the temperature of...
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Prep W has been learning about gravity and push & pull, as part of our Integrated Unit ‘On The Move’. We made paper helicopters! We discussed that they are being ‘pulled’ to the ground by gravity and that air is ‘pushing’ back up against the helicopter propellers. We loved seeing our paper helicopters spin to...
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The 1/2 students enjoyed a fantastic incursion to finish their integrated unit on Mini Beasts. Students learnt about what makes a happy compost bin by dressing up as farmers, insects, birds, earthworms and the sun. We also explored the vegie patch to see how many mini beasts we could find. All in all it was...
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At Belle Vue, we believe that helping students learn how to be socially and emotionally healthy and happy, is one of our most important jobs. As part of the Social and Emotional Learning our students do, we give students opportunities to practise mindfulness. Practising mindfulness can assist with enhancing focus, managing stress and practising self-control. (To...
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