Principal’s Update 9 May

All the very best to our runners representing Belle Vue at the District Cross Country event tomorrow at Macleay Park. A great achievement to all for making the team. Good luck to all and I am sure you will continue to display our school values when representing our school. 


Our Year 56 Interschool sports competition will commence from Friday the 17th of May until the end of term. We welcome and encourage parents/carers to head along to the games and support our students. Students have been provided with a draw and venues for their sports, but please reach out to Mr K for further information.


As part of our commitment to providing a Tier 1 Whole-School approach to supporting positive mental health, creating a positive, inclusive and supportive school climate and building the preconditions for optimal student learning and wellbeing, our staff attended a full day training on Friday the 26th of April in the Berry Street Educational Model (BSEM).

We believe every class should be a strengths-based classroom, where we aim to meet the differentiated needs of every student in the room. Central to our learning of the BSEM model and closely aligned to our beliefs as educators here at Belle Vue are:

  • Strong relationships matter – Every student must feel they have an advocate in their school and at least one adult in the school they trust  and know they are always there for them
  • Teachers make a difference – Teachers must be supported to love what they do.
  • Psycho-education – All students must have the opportunity to understand themselves and how they best learn and to feel empowered with their learning needs.
  • Dual Purpose – We believe every lesson can teach rigorous academic content and psycho-education.
  • Safe and predictable routines – All students require the strongest of structures of safety and support. We aim to work every day to providing shared and consistent expectations, routines and predictability for students and teachers.
  • Visible learning and stamina for academic growth – Both are paramount to students’ own understandings of success and developing a Growth Mindset.

Our professional knowledge in these areas will continue to be an ongoing journey of learning and professional development for us and seeing the positive impact this will have on our student’s learning and wellbeing outcomes.


Select students from years 3-6 have commenced their respective Maths and English enrichment programs through either the Victorian High Ability Program (VHAP) or the Maths Explorer/Olympiad programs. These provide an exciting opportunity to further enrich the teaching and learning of Mathematics and English at Belle Vue Primary School and is part of our commitment to providing an authentic experience for students to be challenged and extended in their learning beyond the classroom. We wish these students all the best.


Young people who find their own voice in supportive school environments are more likely to develop a confident voice, a capacity to act in the world, and a willingness to lead others. By empowering students, we enhance student engagement and enrich their participation in the classroom, school and community. We help students to ‘own’ their learning and development. This year we are giving our students a stronger voice and with the funds raised in the fundraising contribution each class will be given an amount to spend. With teacher support and guidance our students will be given time to voice what they would like to have in their classroom to enhance their learning space, strengthen their engagement and enrich their participation in the classroom. We look forward to sharing these with you later this term and thank you to all the families who contributed towards this important fund.

LEARNING PARTNERS One of the key enablers of improving student health, wellbeing and learning outcomes is through a sustained and strong Home-School Partnership. At Belle Vue Primary School we value a strong culture of community support and engagement.
Contemporary research consistently finds that the involvement of parents and carers in school life and the classroom, can foster increased student engagement, increased confidence, and a stronger connection for parents/carers to the classroom and the models of teaching and learning at Belle Vue that we use every day.
If you would like to support learning in the classroom please complete the short Google Form to indicate what days and times you are available.

Click here to complete the short Google Form.

To ensure we are meeting our commitment to the Child Safe Standards, all adults working directly with children require a valid Working with Children Check. We also require all adults working directly with children to read through and complete the attached agreement and send to Mr Wood. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in our classrooms soon.


All monies raised this year will go towards the purchase and construction of a Gaga Ball Pit. Gaga ball is a quick and easy game to play, combining dodging, striking, running and jumping, this unique game helps players develop strategic thinking, agility and hand-eye coordination skills while keeping participants active. This all-inclusive activity will keep children for hours! It is now more important than ever that we provide inspiring opportunities to encourage positive and respectful social interaction socially, build friendships and connections and in turn confidence.  In the game of Gaga Ball, kids will need to negotiate the role of the ball thrower, and enforce rules and, they may naturally form alliances to strengthen their game, all processes that encourage social interaction.

We greatly appreciate your support towards our fundraising efforts for our students and please keep an eye for events throughout the year, especially our parent/carer evening in Term 3.

If we have any parents/carers in the community who have building/tradie experience and who may be interested to donate some time towards this project, please contact the school office.


Education Week is an annual celebration of education in Victoria. In 2024, Victoria will celebrate Education Week from Monday 13 May to Friday 17 May. This year’s theme, Spotlight on STEM, highlights the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in our everyday lives, in the classroom and beyond. Throughout Education Week, students, parents/carers, teachers, and school communities are encouraged to celebrate and share ideas to learn more about the endless possibilities of STEM. At Belle Vue, we are proud to offer extension and enrichment opportunities in maths for students in Years 3-6 and also the learning opportunities provided by Mr Ric in our coding and robotics program.

During Education week at Belle Vue, our Year 6 leaders will provide personalized school tours. We will also host a 2025 Prep Information Evening.

Andrew Wood