Roll of Honour Term 2 Week 4

The following students have been nominated for the Roll of Honour and will be presented with their certificates at Assembly on Friday  10th May at 2:45pm out by the flagpole (weather permitting—otherwise inside in the Open Area).

Nominated by their Teacher:

Prep W Henry Responsibility

For being responsible for his learning and helping to create a calm and focused learning space for others.

12P Neil Responsibility

For always following instructions and classroom routines, ensuring that everyone is able to learn in a calm and safe environment.

23P Zijun Commitment

For making a great start to his time at Belle Vue and being respectful of our school values. Well done!

34W James Responsibility

For being responsible for completing his procedural text including adding extra information.

56G Caitlin Integrity

For leading and being a positive role model through her actions by doing the right things even if others are not.

56S Fred Pride

For showing pride in his work in Reading by working independently to investigate new words.

ART Prep W Responsibility

For coming to art with a wonderful attitude and working so hard on the line work. Thank you for listening so well and helping each other pack up the art room. I am very grateful.

Italian 12P Commitment

For demonstrating a strong commitment to collaborative teamwork, displaying mindfulness in their decision making and dedicating focus on their work tasks. You are all superstars!

Nominated by their Peers:

12P Hamish Responsibility

For always sitting sensibly on the floor during learning time.

23P Anita Commitment

For showing commitment to her learning after a long holiday away from school.

34W Evie Respect

For listening respectfully everyday and demonstrating whole body listening.

56G Ellie Commitment

For always being focused on her work and completing it to the best of her ability.

56S Olivia Respect

For showing kindness to others and always being a good friend.