Celebrating our Yr 6s.

As your principal in your final year of primary education here at Belle Vue, it has been my pleasure and privilege to have witnessed everyday both as individuals and as a collective, how you have exemplified our school values, and have strived every day to be the best version of yourselves and you have set a benchmark as role models, school leaders and proud members of the Belle Vue Community. You have led with humility, gratitude and courage.

As you take your next steps and begin to write your next chapter, things may inevitably seem different and at times difficult in the years ahead. There may be times of uncertainty and you may not always have the answers or the next steps to take, I encourage you to hold onto the knowledge and experiences you have learnt from Belle Vue and the values instilled into you from your families. I encourage you to keep being courageous, and resilient and to always know that your families and the staff of Belle Vue will always be here to offer support. Know and you will always be a member of the Belle Vue community and family. Take a moment to turn to your families who are here this evening and show your appreciation with a round of applause.

My, how proud we are of the success that you have made with the opportunities that were offered.

May your years ahead continue to be characterized by empathy, compassion, courage and a willingness to take risks.

May you always lead by example

May your successes be many and your tribulations few

This evening’s ceremony may fade or be forgotten. The applause may become a distant memory and perhaps your certificates may gather dust on a shelf or in a drawer. But, you will always be remembered for how you make others around you feel- the care you show them, for helping someone in need, for making someone feel special and appreciated and for being the kind of person that others enjoy spending time with.

We wish you everything that you so richly deserve in the years ahead – it has been an honor and a privilege watching your progress and success!

Andrew Wood