Wrapping up 2023

Blast Off with Real Robotics and Coding: This Term’s Thrill Ride!

Forget boring lessons! This term, we blasted off into the world of real robotics and coding. We built a boom gate that reads your approach, programmed traffic lights that change with the day, and even designed sound effects for games we created.

But we’re not just playing with toys. We’re building the future! We’re planning mock towns to test out automation solutions, from traffic lights to renewable energy.

This is “Real Robotics and Coding,” and we love it! Want to see our robot boom gate in action? Check out our monthly updates to see what we’re building next!

Coding and assembling traffic lights

How Street lights turn on and off by themselves

A super fun lesson making electric motors and competing to win the title of the fastest spinning motor.

How can you design a system to control the speed of spin of a contraption using cogs?

How to transport a delicate piece of engineering such as a space shuttle to its launching tower? Girls are on top of the problem at BVPS.

Check the game made by Jonah, it is the prototype of a Super Mario type of game but program in Scratch using a few techniques we learnt throughout the year.

This is the best time to experiment, discover and learn. For the first time we have to fight students to disengage 🙂