Level 2

In Years 1 & 2 (Victorian Curriculum Level 2) we aim to provide students with a safe, happy and supportive learning environment in which they can reach their maximum potential. Children are catered for specifically at their point of need, regardless of what this may be. All children are challenged and extended through learning programs specifically designed to cater for their unique needs, where individual strengths are celebrated.

The focus of our curriculum is to consolidate and extend on the foundations of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills using various text types such as narrative, recount, procedural and persuasive, to name a few. The four features that are key to improving writing in the primary age range are Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation (V.C.O.P.). Throughout the school week, children develop their writing and editing skills with a focus on V.C.O.P.

Students further develop their basic understanding of numerals and number systems. With emphasis on a ‘hands on’ approach, areas covered in Numeracy at Level 2 are; number and algebra, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability. Students work in pairs, co-operative groups and as a whole class to develop skills and understandings through a variety of engaging and stimulating activities.

Computers and digital learning technologies are used daily to enhance learning and provide a different medium in which to learn at Level 2. Students also participate in weekly coding sessions where they are challenged to become resilient problem solvers.

The social and emotional development of children is highly supported, with several weekly sessions dedicated to developing students who are happy and resilient both inside the school and out in the wider community. Students learn about the school values, the You Can Do It keys, and the importance of kindness to self and others.

In addition to this, eight different integrated units are covered throughout Level 2 which address other areas outside the English and Maths curriculum, including a sustainability focus (aligning with the whole school), science and historical content.

As part of the school camps program, students in grade 2 are offered the opportunity to sleep over for one night at school in Term 4. This promotes their readiness for attending camp in further years.


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