Roll of Honour Term 1 Week 8

The following students have been nominated for the Roll of Honour and will be presented with their certificates at Assembly on Friday 22nd March at 2:45pm out by the flagpole (weather permitting—otherwise inside in the Open Area).

Nominated by their Teacher:

Prep W  Adrian  Pride                                         

For showing pride in the classroom, pushing his and others’ chairs in,         picking up rubbish that he sees, and ensuring things are packed away so that we have a clean, safe and fun space to work in. Amazing! 

12P Kaziah

Commitment For working exceptionally hard on his persuasive letter, never giving up and using his initiative to ensure he completed his work on time. Well done!

23P River Respect

For making such a friendly and respectful start at Belle Vue. You are a wonderful addition to our class! Welcome River!

34W Antonia Pride

For always taking such care in all of her work and being such a proud and kind member of 3/4W.

56G Ethan Responsibility

For always following classroom routines and expectations, ensuring he is an excellent roll model for his peers.

56S Aston Commitment

For always showing enthusiasm and persistence in Mathematics and challenging himself to learn new concepts.

Italian 3/4W Pride

For their outstanding demonstration of the value of pride. They have been positive, focused learners with a strong work ethic. Well done team!

PE 5/6S Commitment

For showing commitment and effort in all PE lessons.

Nominated by their Peers:

12P  Ava  Pride                                         

For always doing her best and making sure her work is 5-stars all of               the time.

23P Penny Commitment         

For contributing to class discussions and challenging herself in  Mathematics activities.

34W Isaac Respect

For being a kind and respectful member of our classroom and always including people in your group.

56G Juliette Commitment

For working hard towards achieving learning goals and persevering through challenges.

56S Athena Commitment

For working hard towards achieving learning goals and persevering through challenges.