Roll of Honour

The following students have been nominated for the Roll of Honour

(1st is peer nominated, 2nd is Teacher nominated)


PW       Lucas                For making his classmates laugh and playing nicely outside

PW       Antonia              For showing respect to her classmates, and being responsible in the classroom.

12D      Ethan                For working well in teams and being inclusive of everyone. Great job!

12D      Jack                 For preparing and delivering an excellent presentation to the class about Titanic. Jack

researched and created his presentation all outside of school hours – keep up the good work!

12P      Juliette              For being a kind friend to everyone in the grade and filling everyone’s buckets

12P      Aston                For showing more confidence in himself and attempting all tasks with a ‘can do’ attitude.

12R      Vivaan              For helping classmates finish their work when he has finished his work early.

12R      Aryan                For showing respect to teachers by listening to and following instructions. Keep up the good


34G      Mila                  For always taking pride in her work, giving things a go and being respectful of others.

34G      Hazel               For always having a ‘ready to learn’ attitude and persisting when learning new skills.

34R      Panisa              For showing a growth mindset by always trying her best to answer questions in class.

34R      Nick                  For having a growth mindset when solving challenging maths problems and completing his big

write. You persisted and tried hard to do your best!

34W     Vincent             For always being kind and helpful to other students. – Student

34W     Steven              For persisting and working hard when working on fractions

56D      Caleb                For working hard in maths and challenging himself

56D      Audrey              For always having a mindset that doesn’t let challenges get in the way but knows it allows her to

grow. Keep it up!

56G      Jacob               For being a thoughtful and helpful friend to others in the class.

56G      Chris                For showing great pride in his work and showing confidence to share his opinions in discussions.

ITALIAN Austin             For always sharing his ideas during class discussions and working so well in Italiano. Bravissimo!

PE        Rubani               For being kind, honest and doing what is right at all times


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