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2021 Student Leadership Roles

One of the more pleasurable, yet challenging (and emotional!) tasks that occurs in the last few weeks of the school year is the process of selecting our School Captains, Junior School Council President, Junior School Council Treasurer, and Music/ Choir Captains for the following year.

Today, those vying for the leadership roles conducted their presentations to a panel made up of selected staff and the current school captains – resulting in three students being shortlisted for each of the above categories. The year 5 students themselves were given a brief at the beginning of term on what is expected of our school leaders, as well as made aware that the panel would also be considering their behaviour, attitude to learning, commitment to school events and whether they display the schools values – particularly this term.

The Grade 5 students applying for each of these roles were meticulously prepared and presented their speeches in an articulate, confident and enthusiastic manner. We were all very impressed with each and every student who got up to present and they should all be very proud of how they presented and the manner in which they carried themselves. Congratulations to all students, particularly those who were not short listed but were gracious in defeat. You made us very proud.

On, Thursday 3rd December, each shortlisted applicant will deliver their presentations to the student body (grades 3 – 6) who will have the opportunity to vote for the preferred student leader. Students applying for House Captain will also be presenting to their houses on this day.

The successful candidates for each role will be announced at a ‘special assembly’ on Friday 4th December @ 1:35pm.  This allows our new student leaders to shadow the current team for the last two weeks of the year.

Please join us via Mr G’s WebEx Link at 1:35pm on Friday to announce and welcome our 2021 School Leaders.

2021 Prep Orientation

Tomorrow we welcome all our 2021 Prep Students onsite for orientation. We are so grateful that we can finally have the whole cohort in together – and look forward to seeing how they interact as a group. The students will participate in lots of fun learning activities and exploration of the school grounds.

I know our year 4 students are super excited to be a buddy next year and have no doubt they will be out there at recess and lunchtime tomorrow, ensuring that our newest members of the community are well looked after.

Although it is unfortunate that we cannot have the incoming prep parents onsite on this day,  Ms Woodhouse has organized a’ meet and greet’ on Friday 11th December, out in the playground, after school hours. This allows our newest community members to meet and make connections with each other and the school before 2021. (Socially distanced and masked up of course!).

Social and Emotional Learning

Kindness – Term 4 can be quite tumultuous for all students – but especially for our year 6 students. They are in that phase of thinking they are ready for high school, ‘over’ being at primary school, but at the same time feel anxious about moving on. They can become quite emotional and at times irrational – so now more than ever we need to be mindful of how we treat each other and the words we use with each other. This is true for all levels – everyone is feeling a little overwhelmed – the year is almost over; it is hot; we will be changing classrooms and possibly class groups and teachers; our grade 5’s have been preparing their leadership presentations and some will be a little disappointed after today’s shortlisting  – emotions are running high. We need to remind each other that kind words help change everyone’s outlook on life, help others to feel included and make someone feel good inside.

Each class will continue to focus on kindness, alongside resilience, in order to teach our students that being kind hurts no one, but benefits everyone!







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