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Dear families,

Transitioning through the School

In order to help ease the transition process for our students moving into new levels and classrooms next year – we are running a series of ‘transition sessions’ over the next three weeks. Last Friday students moved to the next level and spent time with the cohort of students in that level. They were not placed into class groups or with a particular teacher – they just spent time as a 1/2, 3/4 or 5/6 cohort with the older students in the group sharing ‘words of wisdom’ with those moving up into the next level.

Over the next few weeks we will have another two sessions like this:

  • One similar to Friday – just student cohorts mixing together – getting used to each other.
  • One with the teachers who will be moving into that level – but it will still be as a cohort not in class groups.
  • And the last session will be held in the second last week of term with the students spending a double session with their 2021 classmates and teacher.

Running a series of transition sessions in the lead up to the change in 2021 will help to alleviate any anxiety students may be feeling about changing classrooms, classmates and teachers and help to build/strengthen connections between students and teachers.

2021 Prep Orientation

Tuesday 17th November, a small group of 10 of our newest (littlest) Belle Vue Students had the opportunity to come in and spend some time in the prep classroom with Ms Woodhouse. There was so much excitement (and no tears!) as the students were dropped at the gate and waved ‘goodbye’ to their parents. Tomorrow we welcome the second group of 10 prep students into the school to participate in the same transition activities. We hope that come December 1st we will be able to welcome the whole cohort on site for a full day of transition activities. However, we do have a contingency plan in place just in case – two 2 hour sessions with each small group.

I would like to acknowledge the work Clare Woodhouse has put in (behind the scenes) with communicating and meeting with our newest family members (and students) to ensure they feel welcome and ready to start school in 2021. Such a strange way for new families to be introduced in to our school community – hopefully the start of 2021 will allow us to give them a much friendlier welcome to Belle Vue Primary School!


Out of School Hours Care – 2021

As mentioned last week – as of January 29th 2021, Their Care will be taking over our Out of School Hours Care Program. Moving forward they will not only provide before and after school care, but also offer a School Holiday Program and Curriculum Day Care. For a sneak preview into who Their Care are take a look at the information video they have put together to introduce themselves to our community. Click here to view.

Grade 6 Graduation 2020 – Friday 11th December 11am – 3pm

Our Grade 6 Graduation is going to look very different to what has been before! Whilst this year has seen many challenges and changes to school programmes – we feel the change to this year’s graduation has allowed for the opportunity to make it more student focussed. The students are currently preparing graduation speeches which will be ‘live streamed’ out to their families but the afternoon will be all about them. They will have a shared lunch, music games and frivolity! They are excited! Thank you to the parents who have volunteered their time to assist us in making the day special for our students (from decorating the Hall – to organising the ‘special lunch’, to putting together a slideshow and year book – your efforts are much appreciated!)

Not long until we will see our (next lot of) ‘babies’ move off into the wide world of secondary school!

Cathy Caminiti



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