An update on our learning in the Italian classroom…

The Preps have been busy using ‘Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio’ (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) to learn about numbers. Below is some fantastic work completed by Sophie.

Sophie's (PW) 'Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio' number cut and paste
Sophie (PW) Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio number cut and paste


The preps are now beginning to learn about the story of ‘Pinocchio’, using ‘La Canzone di Geppetto’ (Geppetto’s song). The story of Pinocchio is supporting their learning of  vocabulary associated with parts of the body.

Grade 1/2 students have finished exploring colours and days of the week using ‘Il Lupo che Voleva Cambiare Colore’ (The Wolf Who Wanted to Change his Colour) story. Below is Lachlan’s fantastic work he recently completed.

Il Lupo Che Voleva Cambiare Colore cut and paste by Lachlan (1/2P)
Il Lupo Che Voleva Cambiare Colore cut and paste by Lachlan (1/2P)

Grade 1/2 students are now exploring things they like to do, by exploring verbs (‘doing’) words.

Grade 3/4 students have been learning vocabulary for objects found in the classroom, as well as exploring definite and indefinite articles and how to pluralise definite nouns. The 3/4s are now about to apply some of their learning by writing a role play where they ask class mates to borrow items of stationary. They will present these to the class in the coming weeks!

Grade 5/6 students have been busy presenting their fantastic research to the class based on their ‘festa’ (celebration) of choice. The presentations we have seen so far have been fantastic, bravissimi!


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