Level 1
The Preps at Belle Vue had a great book week! We read some of our favourite books during the week, and on Friday we had an extra special day! We dressed as our favourite book character and had a parade in front of the whole school! Then we visited different classrooms, each themed around CBCA (Children’s...
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The Preps could not wait for their Life Education session to begin! We had been completing activities about our families, our bodies, healthy food and ways to keep safe in preparation for our ‘My Body Matters’ special incursion. As we entered the room, there was an outline of a body on the floor and Cathy...
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Prep W has been learning about gravity and push & pull, as part of our Integrated Unit ‘On The Move’. We made paper helicopters! We discussed that they are being ‘pulled’ to the ground by gravity and that air is ‘pushing’ back up against the helicopter propellers. We loved seeing our paper helicopters spin to...
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Prep students are learning to count 1-1; they are beginning to learn numbers orally and recognise them in printed form. We have been reading ‘Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio’ (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and students are beginning to complete a number cut and paste. Grade 1/2 students are learning about colours and days of the week...
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One of Prep W’s favourite activities is Maths Play Based Learning! On Fridays we explore counting patterns, ordering numbers, dominoes, number puzzles and a whole lot more. A popular activity is putting together the 100 square. The children work really well together to find the right numbers, and pick up on the patterns within the...
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May 2022