Andria Piacentini
Here is a look at what students have been up to in the Italian classroom so far this term… Prep Have been learning immediate family member titles, they have been focusing on using the Italian language to identify/name members of their family. Grade 1/2 Students have been looking at extended family member titles. Students are...
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We are off to a great start to the term with each grade busy improving their Italian skills. Prep students have finished a unit of work on Pinocchio in which they learnt about the story of Pinocchio and also learnt nouns for parts of ‘il corpo’ (the body). They are now beginning to exploring animal...
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Prep students are learning to count 1-1; they are beginning to learn numbers orally and recognise them in printed form. We have been reading ‘Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio’ (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) and students are beginning to complete a number cut and paste. Grade 1/2 students are learning about colours and days of the week...
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This week the prep students finished making their pizze. Have a look at the finished product, bravi!  
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Hi again! An update on what we have been doing in the Italian classroom. Preps are learning about all things Italian – last week we read ‘Olivia goes to Venice’ and learnt all about what Venice has to offer. Today we explored different foods that come from Italy and learnt how to express whether or...
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Buongiorno to everyone and hope you had a restful and enjoyable break. Term 4 is in full swing and all grades have been
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Ciao a tutti, It is hard to believe that in two short weeks term 3 will be over! As always, we have been keeping busy in the Italian classroom. Preps, grade 1s and 2s have been learning about vocabulary surrounding ‘La famiglia’ (family). Grades 1/2s have been using this vocabulary to begin to understand the gendering of...
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Prep students have been busy learning the different names for animals. We have been learning to sing the song ‘Il Coccodrillo Come Fa?’ and using the song to help us learn the names of the animals. Students have also developed an understanding that in Italy, children associate different sounds to what we do with some animals....
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Week 2 of Term 3 and all grades are hard at work in the Italian classroom. Preps are learning names for animals and developing the understanding that culture influences representations of sounds such as those made by animals. Today we are using ‘Il Coccodrillo Come Fa?’ song to help us learn words for various animals...
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