Level 4

In level 4 we believe in teaching the ‘whole child’. Therefore, students are given many opportunities and experiences to develop into well-rounded individuals whom are well prepared to tackle the new set of challenges that will face them in high school and later in life. We see that academic, social and personal well-being elements make up this ‘whole child’ vision. All elements are equally important in ensuring that students feel comfortable, have fun and experience success.

As part of this view, we support students in becoming independent and motivated learners. We guide students in understanding the power that attitude has on their learning and assist them in making choices that positively impact their own and other’s learning and experiences. We see all 5/6 students as leaders and support them in developing such skills and qualities. At the beginning of the year, the Year 6 leaders attend a leadership conference where they are introduced to new ways of thinking about and building leadership, and this learning is brought back to school for all Year 6 students to explore. The Year 5 students participate in a Buddy Program with our Prep students, where they learn to support, encourage, motivate, teach and learn from their younger peers. Our school leaders take on many responsibilities with their roles, and these positions are held with high regard.


becoming independent and motivated learners

becoming independent and motivated learners

At Belle Vue we understand that every student has a different set of skills, interests and ways of learning. We ensure we cater to these diverse needs through a high level of differentiation, along with teaching a relevant and engaging curriculum in the classroom. We also allow for students in Level 4 to demonstrate and develop skills and abilities in a wide range of extra-curricular activities, such as: Music, Art, Physical Education, Italian, Inter-School Sports, the Annual School Performance (which the Year 6’s take on the leading roles), Bike Education, Sustainability Initiatives, School Camps, a range of Clubs, Dance and Choir. These various programs foster positive interactions, team building and engaging learning for all students.

As well as having thoroughly planned Numeracy and Literacy in the classroom, students explore and investigate a range of topics, which cover the other areas of the curriculum and promote inquiry learning. The meaningful units of work we are covering in 2016 include Identity, The Olympics – Benefits and Drawbacks of Hosting, Enterprise and Science. Students also participate in our social and well-being program of You Can Do It, which supports students to the 5 keys of success; Organisation, Resilience, Persistence, Confidence and Getting Along.


Brigitte Raymond