Everyone at Belle Vue Primary School is working together to become the most sustainable school community that we can be. Staff and students are positive role models for sustainability within our community and strive towards preservation of a healthy environment for all, both now and in the future. Belle Vue Primary School develops responsible, resilient and respectful citizens who make informed decisions to reduce their impact on the environment.

Belle Vue began its journey towards its goal of becoming a five star sustainable school in 2015 and is currently a 2 star “discovering” school. Since 2015, we have significantly re-designed our curriculum so as to incorporate a wide range of integrated sustainability themed topics across all levels of the school. Energy saving measures across the school include the installation of LED lighting in and around the Administrative Building and Library (thanks to a successful application for a $10,000 energy grant). Student Leaders have run sustainability themed assemblies and been involved with our annual EnviroDay (Run during Cool Australia’s Enviroweek).

During 2016, students throughout the school designed activities for EnviroDay based on the focus of biodiversity. The event was successfully run by the Grade 6 Student Leaders. The idea of a sustainability themed day created for students, designed by students and run by students created a template for future events.

In 2017 the focus will be on waste. Students will be devising ways of changing our habits regarding the way we recycle items such as paper and photocopier consumables. We will be trying to move towards reusing, reducing and rethinking the way we use these itesm. Waste will also be the focus of EnviroDay 2017 which will once again be created for students, designed by students and run by the students.

Click on some of the links below to find out what’s been happening over the last few months:

First Sustainability Star