State Schools Spectacular

State Schools Spectacular

This year’s State Schools Spectacular, ‘With the Beat’, is fast approaching!

Belle Vue senior choir students have been practising hard at home and at school. Recently, we headed to the Town Hall in the city for the first ‘mass choir’ rehearsal, with all of the other primary school choirs.




It was very exciting and was great to hear the different parts come together.

The Belle Vue students were beautifully behaved and super focused ALL day (and it was a loooonngg day!).




We can’t wait for the next ‘mass choir’ rehearsal, where we get to hear the amazing senior school soloists sing!

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All Our Rhythms

The 1/2 students have been learning to play and say numerous rhythm patterns.

1:2B       1:2B Audry

Students love playing the percussion instruments and today they played a musical version of Follow The Leader. Each student got to play one of the many rhythms they have learnt so far and the class would copy them.


12B Jack      1:2P lachie

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Street Parade

The 3/4 students had a great outdoor lesson today practicing their syncopated rhythms.

3:4Wbg   Jemina Hannah  Taj Ryan

Students chose a percussion instrument and went out to our new soccer pitch where they practised playing in time and changing rhythm patterns.

Lochie Dante  3:4D jai jai

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5/6 and 1/2 Music

The year 5/6 and 1/2 students enjoyed playing two of their favourite games in music this week.

Mishka beat mve     James R beat mve

The first game is called Moving Detectives. One student is chosen as the leader and one student is chosen as the detective. Students stand in a circle and when the music starts the leader moves to the music and the class copies their dance moves. The detective has three guesses to pick the leader.

Robson det 2    5:6 boys dance

The second game is called The Beat Goes Round The Room. In this game students stand in a circle and pass the phrase around the room keeping a steady beat. If they miss a beat they are out! There are a number of variations such as, using funny voices and adding movement.

Alex beat mve    Claudia beat mve

James P beat mve    Meave beat mve

It was a great day of music lessons with all students demonstrating fair play and expanding their musical skills and knowledge through play.

James B beat mve    Jonathan 1:2 beat mve


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Preps enjoying music lessons

The Preps enjoyed a music lesson exploring high and low sounds through playing instruments.

whole class port copy

This year’s Prep class is the biggest we have had for several years. They are an excellent cohort and they love their music lessons.

Julias copy


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State Schools Spectacular!

State Schools Spectacular!

The senior choir will be participating in their first State Schools Spectacular, Massed Choir Rehearsal this Wednesday at the Melbourne Town Hall.

The students have been practising both at home and at school, which is paying off as their singing is sounding more confident and polished. The choir needs to learn 14 songs (alternating from Part 1 to Part 2) for the concert in September.

We are looking forward to finally hearing the sounds that both parts create when put together!

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Belle Vue Primary School offers a music program for all students from Foundation to Grade 6. Our music curriculum focuses on creating an inclusive and supportive environment where students feel confident to take on new challenges and step out of their comfort zones.

The music program consists of a variety of musical games, activities and comprehensive formal lessons taken from the Music Room Classroom Music Program.

Throughout the school year, students experience playing a variety of percussive and melodic instruments as a whole class and in small groups. They also gain an understanding of basic rhythmic and theoretical concepts, as well as having plenty of opportunities to create their own music. These can be complemented by our extra-curricular Instrumental Lessons.

It is extremely satisfying to see our students enjoying their learning experience and working together to achieve the core ideals and objectives of the music program.

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