Term 3 wrap up

As we reach the final weeks of term 2 the grade 5/6 students are busy finishing off their Italian migration research projects. Through this work, they are developing an appreciation and understanding of the Italian migrant’s experience in Australia. Bravissimi!

The grade 3/4s have been learning how to talk about themselves and others in the present tense using the verb ‘essere’ (to be) and have also learnt how to express their likes and dislikes (mi piace e non mi piace) in relation to their hobbies/interests. They have used this learning to write a paragraph about themselves, bravi!

Prep and 1/2 children have recently started a unit of work on L’Italia. We have looked at all things Italian such as famous monuments and iconic foods.


Here are the prep girls showing off their writing on their ‘Che cosa è?’ (What is it?) Worksheet. Buon lavoro!

Well done on a fun and productive term everyone! Buone Vacanze (Happy Holidays)!

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L’aula d’Italiano – Term 3 so far…

Welcome to Term 3 in the Italian classroom.

This term the prep students have been busy learning how to say farm animal names, they have especially been enjoying singing ‘Old MacDonald’ in Italian! Here is a photo of some of the fantastic work the preps have done…


Prep animal ‘cut, paste and match’ activity

Grade 1 and 2 children have been learning about pets and how to respond to the question ‘Hai un animale domestico?’ (Do you have a pet?).

The grade 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s have been exploring ‘Le cose che preferiamo’ (our favourite things) which has tested their Italian dictionary skills in order to find works to describe their favourite things (such as animals, foods and games).

Here is the wonderful display they have created…


Grade 5/6 ‘Le cose che preferiamo’ display


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Italian with the Preps

The preps have been busy learning about ‘il corpo’ (the body).

They are loving learning the body parts and especially enjoying singing and performing the actions to the song ‘testa, spalle, ginocchie e piedi’ (head, shoulders, knees and toes).

Click the above text to listen and practice at home.

Here is some fantastic work the preps have done, bravissimi!

Here is some fantastic work the preps have done.







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L’aula d’Italiano – Term 2 so far…

Welcome back to term 2 in the Italian classroom, we are keeping busy!

The Prep children are still busy learning ‘i numeri’ (numbers), and ‘i colori’ (colours) (and wow, they are getting so good at both!). The children had fun making cards for ‘Festa della Mamma’ (Mother’s Day) and have recently started exploring  ‘i parti del corpo’ (parts of the body).

The 1/2s are learning ‘i numeri’ and have become so confident that they are now counting past 20!. They are consolidating on their knowledge of ‘i colori’ and had lots of fun making ‘il gioco della memoria’ (memory card game). They have also been exploring ‘i giorni della settimana’ (days of the week) and ‘i mesi dell’anno’ (months of the year).


1/2 children playing ‘Il gioco della memoria’

The 3/4s are learning ‘i numeri’ and have no problems counting past ‘cento’ (one hundred!). They are exploring ‘giorni della settimana’ (days of the week), ‘i mesi dell’anno’ (the months of the year) through ‘la filastrocca dei mesi’ (rhyme of the months) and have been writing simple sentences in Italian.

The 5/6s have consolidated on their number knowledge and are now counting past 500. They have just finished looking at the topic of ‘Le Nazioni’ where we used simple sentences in the present tense to describe where our families come from.

Belle Vue is home to students from so many cultures! Here is the display the 5/6s created.

Belle Vue is home to students from so many cultures! Here is the display the 5/6s created.

The 5/6s are now exploring vocabulary associated with ‘Abbigliamento’ (clothing). We have looked at gendering of nouns and converting nouns from singular form into plural form.

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L’Aula d’Italiano

Term 1 for all grades has been mainly focused on learning to meet and greet in the Italian language and on learning to count.

Prep have been busy learning songs such as ‘Ciao Buongiorno’ and ‘Dieci Piccoli Indiani’ (Ten little Indians) and have just started learning ‘I Colori’ (colours).

Foundation children singing 'Dieci Piccoli Indiani' (Ten Little Indians).

Foundation children singing ‘Dieci Piccoli Indiani’ (Ten Little Indians).

The 1/2s have also learnt the ‘Ciao Buongiorno’ song, explored the meaning of the lyrics and learnt ‘I colori’.

The 3/4s have been busy learning to meet and greet in Italian and are now learning to tell the story of ‘Il Bruco Molto Affamato’ (The Very Hungry Catepillar).

The 5/6s have been working on writing and acting out role plays between two people who have just met as well as learning to calculate numbers in Italian. To tie in with multicultural day they have been exploring ‘Le Nazioni’ (countries) and using the present tense to write simple sentences related to their cultural background.

5/6 role playing two people meeting for the first time.

5/6 students role playing two people meeting for the first time.

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