A peak into the classroom

We have been keeping busy in the Italian classroom.

All grades have been focusing on greetings, getting to know you language and learning how to express how they feel in the Italian language.

The prep students have been learning basic words and gestures to respond to the question ‘Come stai?’ (How are you?). They have also been learning the greeting song ‘Ciao Buongiorno’.

The grade 1/2s are focusing on words for greetings as well as learning new ways to express how they feel. Next week they will begin creating un ‘orologio delle emozioni’ (an emotions wheel).

The grade 3/4 students are focusing on greetings as well as the most appropriate context for using specific greetings. They are also learning how to express how they feel and are creating ’emoji’ posters.

IMG_3110 (480x640)

Playing ‘il gioco della memoria’ (memory) with vocabulary surrounding emotions.

IMG_3109 (480x640)

“Ho paura!” (I am scared). The girls working on their emoji poster.

The grade 5/6 students are learning getting to know you language, adjectives to express how they feel and exploring new language using ‘un dizionario’ (a dictionary) to share aspects of their own identity. They are completing a ‘tutto su di me’ writing task (all about me).


The ‘tutto su di me’ (all about me) writing and dictionary activity the grade 5/6 students are working on.

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What we have been upto in the Italian classroom…

What we have been upto in the Italian classroom…

Term 4 is flying by – students have been keeping very busy and having lots of fun in the Italian classroom.

Prep – just finished a unit on ‘la famiglia’ (family) – they are beginning to notice that in Italian nouns are either masculine (boy words) or feminine (girl words). We have now started learning about ‘le stagioni’ (the seasons) and ‘il tempo’ (the weather).


Learning about ‘le stagioni’ (the seasons)

Grade 1/2 – have been learning about ‘il trasporto’ (transport) – they are learning to name them as well as respond to the question ‘Come ci vai a scuola?’ (how do you get to school?)


Surveying the class – ‘come ci vai a scuola?’ (how do you get to school?) and graphing the results

Grade 3/4 – have been learning about ‘la famiglia’ (family) and learning to identify and use singular aggettivi possessivi (possessive adjectives) so as to describe the members of their family.

Grade 5/6 – have been learning how to conjugate and understand regular verbs in the present tense and are now commencing a unit on ‘i negozi’ (shops) and ‘il cibo’ (food). They will use new vocabulary to participate in simple transactions (to order/purchase goods).




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Term 3 nel aula d’italiano

A snapshot of what all grades have been upto in term 3 so far –

Prep – Our prep students have been busy learning colours – they are extending on their prior learning of colours by attempting to learn the meaning of other colours not previously explored. This includes recognising the colours visually, orally and in written form. We are now commencing a unit on ‘gli animali’ (animals) where we will learn animal names as well as notice that in Italian the sounds that people associate with animals are different to the sounds we think of for animals in Australia

Preps learning about gli animali

Preps learning about gli animali

Grade 1/2 – Are exploring ‘I giorni della settimana’ (days of the week) and ‘I mesi dell’anno’ (months of the year) and other language associated with these topics. We will use this knowledge of language learnt to express the date and when our birthdays occur. Students are currently learning a poem ‘La settimana dei fiori’ (The week of flowers).

Il gioco della memoria using i mesi dell'anno (months of the year)

Il gioco della memoria (memory) using i mesi dell’anno (months of the year)

Completing a cercaparole (wordsearch) on i mesi dell'anno (months of the year)

Completing a cercaparole (wordsearch) on i mesi dell’anno (months of the year)

Grade 3/4 – Students are exploring language associated with ‘il viso’ (our facial appearance). They are noticing that in Italian adjectives come after nouns, that the adjective must ‘agree’ with the noun, i.e. instead of occhi azzurro it’s occhi azzurri (both noun and adjective must have the same letter on the end) . Students are learning to express what they look like as well as make observations about the charactistics of others.

Grade 5/6 – Students have been exploring ‘I numeri’ (numbers 1-1000) as well as language associated with ‘la matematica’ (mathematics). They have been using this knowledge to solve mathematical equations. The students are now starting a unit of work on ‘che ore sono?’ (what time is it?) They will learn to ask the time, express the time as well as use the Italian language to express what they do at different times of the day.

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L’aula d’italiano

With term 2 drawing to a close, here is what all the grades have been up to in the Italian classroom.

Preps have been learning about numbers and body parts. We have learnt about the story of Pinocchio, been memorising nouns for body parts and been singing along to ‘La Canzone di Geppetto’ (Geppetto’s song) and ‘Testa, spalle, ginocchia e piedi’ (Heads, shoulders, knees and feet).

You can practice at home too:

Testa, spalle, ginocchia e piedi

We have also been playing ‘Simone Dice’ (Simon Says) and making ‘Pinocchio’ puppets. Here is a photo of our wonderful work.

Prep Pinocchio Puppets

Prep Pinocchio Puppets

Grade 1/2 have been learning about ‘lo sport’, we have been noticing similarities between the English and Italian language. We have also learnt to express whether or not we play a sport. Students are now exploring ‘I pasti’ (meals) and learning nouns for various foods they eat at different times of the day. We used this new vocabulary to explore the concept that in the Italian language nouns are gendered (they can be masculine/boy or feminine/girl). We have also learnt to ask our friends what they eat/drink for various meals.

The 1/2s finding out what their friends eat for various meals - Che mangi per colazione? (What do you eat for breakfast?)

The 1/2s role playing – finding out what their friends eat for various meals – Che mangi per colazione? (What do you eat for breakfast?)

Grade 3/4 have been learning nouns for foods, recognising those nouns in singular and plural form as well as expressing their likes and dislikes in relation to food. They have learnt to ask how to a request goods in Italian and they are now writing a role play where students request to buy items within a store.

Grade 5/6 have been exploring countries and nationalities as well as learning the correct use of articles and articulated prepositions at the front of nouns. They have explored this idea that adjective (i.e. nationality) spelling changes according to the gender of the subject. Students have been writing a role play in which they apply this grammatical knowledge. The role play is centred on getting to know the cultural heritage of another person and their family – i.e. Da dove vieni? (Where are you from?), da dove viene tua mamma? (Where is you mum from?) etc.

It’s hard to believe another term is drawing to a close, time flies!

Wishing everyone a safe and happy upcoming break,

Signorina Piacentini.

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What’s happening in the Italian classroom…

Welcome back to term 2!

We are now back into the swing of term in the Italian classroom. All the grades are busy learning about different elements  of the Italian language.


We created a number line for numbers uno fino a dieci!

Preps are learning to count 1-10 and recognising Italian numbers in their written form.

Grade 1/2 are learning words for ‘lo sport’ (sports), did you know that lots of words in Italian are the same as the English word – il tennis, il netball, il cricket or are very similar – l’atletica (athletics), lo sci (skiing)

Bravissimo Luca!

Bravissimo Luca!

Grade 3/4 are learning about ‘il cibo’ (food), are learning to express their preferences for various foods as well as identify with the gender of a noun in both it’s singular and plural form.

Grade 5/6 are exploring strategies to decode foreign language and in the process are learning about the ‘Commedia dell’Arte’ (Comedy of the Arts) characters.


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Multicultural Day

Multicultural Day

Last Wednesday, 21 March, 2018 the whole school celebrated ‘Harmony week’ with our annual ‘Multicultural day’. The day started with a parade, students came in wonderful costumes representative of their cultures. It was evident that a lot of thought and effort went into the costumes which was fantastic to see.

Costumes at the parade!

Costumes at the parade!


…and more

Costumes at the parade

…and more again!

The parade was followed by a learning rotation. The kids participated in activities such as origami making, learning how to play the European sport; ‘fist ball’, making Chinese dragon masks, learning how to play French boules referred to as ‘Petanque’ and making pasta necklaces (just to name a few).


Shield Making





After recess the junior school had the pleasure of watching ‘Around the World and Back again’ by Two Friends Productions whilst the middle and senior school engaged in a second learning rotation. After the first show, the middle and senior school students then watched the show whilst the junior school engaged in a second learning rotation. The presentation was an engaging and fun filled story about a Captain and his sailor assistant who travel the world making amazing discoveries. The story explored various continents, countries and their cultures. The incursion was fantastic, it provided lots of learning and laughs and was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff!


Around the World and Back Again

The students then had a special pizza lunch that was organised with the help of our wonderful PFA that consisted of authentic Italian pizzas from ‘Via Condotti’. This was followed by gelato from the ‘Something Sweet’ gelato cart. Students enjoyed either vaniglia (vanilla) or fragola (strawberry). Both the pizza and gelato were delicious! After lunch, students discussed and reflected on the day’s events as well as developed their understanding of the significance of Harmony week.


IMG_1775 Gelato cart



Eating gelato

Multicultural day 2018 was a fantastic success. It demonstrated the wonderfully diverse yet collaborative community we have at Belle Vue Primary School. As a community we were able to lead by example what it means to live in harmoniously in a multicultural community. Students, staff and parents should be proud of the successful day it was. Thank you to everyone for their contributions, Multicultural day 2018 is certainly one we will not forget!


Signorina Piacentini



Preps looking amazing!


Grade 3/4s looking wonderful!


…and again!


See the upcoming newsletter for more wonderful photos & reflections!

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Term 1 nel aula d’italiano

Term 1 nel aula d’italiano

Hi everyone,

Term 1 is in full swing now, it is hard to believe that we are already in the fourth week of term!

Preps have gotten off to an amazing start. They have learnt to greet in Italian, can sing the ‘ciao, buongiorno’ song and are currently exploring ‘I colori’ – we have been making mosaic ‘bandiere dell’italia’ (flags of Italy) using ‘verde, bianco e rosso’ (green, white & red).


PW working hard


The piece coming together

Grade 1/2s have been focusing on language associated with classroom routine and positive behaviour. Next we will be looking at ways to express how we are feeling in the Italian language.

Grade 3/4 students have also been exploring vocabulary associated with classroom behaviour and routine, they have been learning to use this language in context. Next we will be creating profiles and learning how to use both junior and adult Italian dictionaries.

Grade 5/6 students have been creating a profile on ‘tutto su di me’ (all about me). They are also developing their skills of using an adult Italian dictionary as well developing their Italian vocabulary to describe their interests and preferences.


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Preps & La Pizza!

This week the prep students finished making their pizze.

Have a look at the finished product, bravi!



Working hard


The finished product

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What we have been up to in the Italian classroom…

Hi again!

An update on what we have been doing in the Italian classroom.

Preps are learning about all things Italian – last week we read ‘Olivia goes to Venice’ and learnt all about what Venice has to offer.

Today we explored different foods that come from Italy and learnt how to express whether or not we liked particular foods – ‘mi piace’ (I like)and ‘non mi piace’ (I don’t like).

Grade 1/2s are learning about ‘I stagioni’ (the seasons).

The students have been working on creating ‘una scena’ (a scene) for one of the seasons. They then labelled all the things in their scene (in Italian) using resources in the classroom (dictionaries, books and word mats).


L’estate (Summer)


L’autunno (Autumn)

Grade 3/4s are learning about Italy and its ‘regioni’ – last week we learnt that there are 20 regions in Italy and each one has unique character/monuments/sites.

Grade 5/6 finished their ‘idioma’ (idiom) posters. They look amazing. Have a look below.


Idiome e espressioni Italiane


Idiome e espressioni Italiane

They are now creating their own bilingual short stories for young children.


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Term 4 nel aula d’italiano

Buongiorno to everyone and hope you had a restful and enjoyable break.

Term 4 is in full swing and all grades have been

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