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Programming and Robotics

Programming and Robotics

Throughout the year, students in year 5/6 have been lucky enough to work directly with our computer technician Ric, building up their understanding and skills in programming and robotics.




The learning started with students using computer programs and resources such as excel, flash, scratch and brainpop (blockly maze), to learn the basics of programming.






Students have since worked in teams to manually put their robot cars together. They are now learning about how the robots work and how they will provide their robots with the set of instructions they will need to perform particular tasks.




The next step is for students to start writing the codes and seeing the results in their moving robot cars!






Our students (and teachers!) have already learnt a lot from Ric, and we are excited to continue learning in this incredibly important area of education.




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Maths in Year 5/6

Maths in Year 5/6

In grade 5/6 at Belle Vue, we try to make maths as hands-on and realistic as possible. It’s important that students learn by doing and can see the connections between what they are learning and the real world.




Above are some of our students measuring the distance their paper planes traveled in order to record data, make graphs and calculate range.


Kyra Marcello M


We recently completed a unit on mapping and location, where students used a map of the school to write directions for a partner to follow. They had to use a grid reference, scale and compass or the Cartesian plane to accurately direct their partner around the school grounds.




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Australian Democracy

Australian Democracy

Throughout term 2, the grade 5/6 students have been studying Australian Democracy. Building on from our first hand experiences in Canberra earlier in the year, we have explored the roles and responsibilities of government, the Australian democratic system, operations of parliament, the electoral process, along with looking at Federation and the different experiences and perspectives of Australian democracy and citizenship throughout history.

To help students in gaining a deeper insight into Australia’s history and political system, we like to make the lessons hands on as much as possible. In the attached photos, we can see grade 5/6 students participating in role play scenarios of the electoral process and passing a bill in parliament.

Election Process

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Hockey 7s

Hockey 7s

Belle Vue would like to congratulate our Hockey 7s teams who represented our school with great sportsmanship and pride on Friday 16th of June.

For the majority of students, the day was their first exposure to the game of hockey. The students positivity and support towards each other throughout the day was outstanding and all players should be proud of their efforts.

A special congratulations to the boys team who successfully took out 3rd position overall!


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Multicultural Day Aboriginal Dreaming

Multicultural Day Aboriginal Dreaming

Earlier this year, Belle Vue celebrated our amazing diversity of cultures with our annual Multicultural Day!




Students got to participate in a variety of activities with a focus on different cultures. In one of the activities that the grade 5/6’s participated in, they learnt a bit about the Aboriginal people’s Dreaming.




After students shared what they already knew with each other, they watched a video that showed the journey of the Dreaming; from the spirit of all life, to humans.




The students found it really interesting to learn about Aboriginal people’s different beliefs.




Students were then asked to represent a part of this Dreaming in drawings. All the 5/6 students contributed to one large shared drawing, working together and joining their drawings to each others’.



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First Aid

First Aid

Recently all students at Belle Vue participated in the First Aid Schools Program provided by St John Ambulance Australia.




Our grade 5/6 students learnt the basics of first aid including DRSABCD, putting someone in the recovery position and CPR.




The grade 5/6s took a lot of new information away from the session, as well as some confidence that they could be helpful in the unlikely event of an emergency.



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Grade 5/6’s Camp in Canberra!

Grade 5/6’s Camp in Canberra!






Recently, the grade 5/6s travelled to Canberra for our camp. We visited some really enjoyable and interesting places, like the Australian War Memorial, Questacon, the Australian Institute of Sport, Parliament House, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Capital Exhibition, the National Museum of Australia and the High Court of Australia.







We got to see where Politicians work (including inside the Speaker’s office!), practised our own election, got a bill through the House of Representatives, had a go at being portrait artists, tried many different science experiments, watched the journey our country has taken over 40,000 years, made national buildings out of lego, saw world class athletes training, heard how the judicial system works, smelt what it was like living on a submarine and commemorated a fallen soldier.







We now know so much more about our country’s past and present, how we came to be the nation we are today, and how our Democratic system works.





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Enterprise: The Design Process

Enterprise: The Design Process

Students in year 5/6 have been participating in the Integrated Unit – Enterprise during Terms 3 and 4. The unit has taken them from learning about the lives of children in other countries, and the varying qualities of life some of these children experience, to researching and promoting a charity, and learning about designing, marketing and advertising a product. Students are currently preparing activities and making their own products to sell on our two Enterprise Market Days coming up at the end of Term. All profits will go to the six charities that the 5/6 students have chosen, which support children around the world who do not enjoy all of their basic rights.

Below are photos of some of our students with their ‘bookmark’ design prototypes, which they created when learning about the design process. All students started with a simple, ordinary bookmark, and followed the design process to come up with a new, creative product.

img_1177m    img_1178m

Here is a student’s bookmark that becomes a hover board.




This bookmark turns into a comfortable arm chair at the click of a button!




Here is a bookmark that has a hologram feature.




This bookmark has a delicious treat dispenser, perfect for those boring books that teachers make kids read.




Who needs an iphone, fitbit AND a bookmark when you can have all the features in one handy product? Enjoy finding out your heart rate while you shock yourself by seeing how many words you have read per minute!


*All designs are copyrighted to students of 5/6R

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Around The Bay in a Day

Around The Bay in a Day


A number of Belle Vue students and their families braved the windy conditions of the weekend and partook in the 50km Around The Bay ride.

This was initially going to see students go over the West Gate Bridge, however their route was forced to change due to the extreme conditions. Well done to all students and families who participated. We have enjoyed hearing students’ wild weather stories at school this week!
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School Disco

School Disco

As a fun way to finish the term, students were treated to a school disco run by STOMP Dance Company. Students enjoyed listening to their favourite songs, whilst participating in free dance, games and choreographed dances.




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