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Grade 5s and 6s Get Robotic in ICT!

1st November, 2018


The Grade 5s and 6s have been learning how to send coded directions to robots!


It is an exciting time is ICT for the Grade 5s and 6s! After spending a lot of last term learning to code computer games using ‘Scratch’ we have now moved on to using this same program to send directions to robots!


The Edison robot can be linked to the computer through the headphone port on our computers.


Using a special, step by step program on the scratch website, we have been able control Edison, getting the little robot to follow a paper map from a start to finish point. Using the computer we plotted out a course and exported the directions, before sending Edison on his way. Our aim was to get him as close to the map line and finish point as possible.


It has been great fun learning to use the Edison robots and Scratch program – we can’t wait to have another turn next week!

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Buddies Time with the Preps and Grade 5s

The Preps plant a kindness garden with their Grade 5 buddies!


In our buddy time today, the Preps were keen to share what they have been learning about kindness this term. To display this learning, each buddy team made a kindness flower.

20181026_144459 20181026_145353 20181026_144433 20181026_144427

On each petal the Preps and Grade 5s wrote an act of kindness. Some of these kind actions included:

  • Pushing in people’s chair for them.
  • Inviting someone to play who has no one to play with.
  • Looking after your friends when they are hurt or sad.
  • Helping someone clean up without them asking for help.
  • Giving someone a compliment to make them feel nice.

20181026_144554 20181026_144524

After cutting and gluing each petal the buddy teams coloured and decorated their kindness flower. We look forward to seeing their beautiful work on display in the Prep classrooms.

20181026_144729 20181026_144450

“You never know what light you might spark in others, just through your kindness and your example.”

Jennifer Rockwood

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Summer is coming… so we’ve been Swimming!

October 2018

Grade 5 and 6 Enjoy Our Annual Swimming Lessons




Over the past two weeks the Grade 5 and 6 students (along with the Grade 3s and 4s) have been involved in a swimming program at Kew Recreation Centre.



We have had the chance to shore up our swimming skills in the lead up to summer – something that is very important for the warmer months ahead, as we expect to be involved in more water based activities at the pool and the beach.


Yesterday we had the chance to practise some ‘survival swimming’. Students were asked to bring a set of clothes to wear in the pool and, along with a life jacket, students were required to get used to this far bulkier attire in the water. We even played out some mock rescues with our classmates, using rope and hand signals to bring them to safety.




On our final day we enjoyed playing a few water sports and games to finish off an excellent couple of weeks in the water.



What an excellent time we had at the pool – we can’t wait to have another turn next year!

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Year 5/6 Camp at Valley Homestead

August 2018


Building Resilience and Pushing Our Boundaries on Camp

The Year 5s and 6s had a thoroughly enjoyable time on camp this year. We were involved in many different activities aimed at building teamwork and communicative skills, determination, and our ability to deal with adversity.




On Monday, we took the long bus ride to Beechworth, stopping to enjoy some of the local sites including the Old Gaol, and the court house where Ned Kelly was tried. We even got the chance to re-enact that famous moment in history.


20180813_154707       20180813_154504

Tuesday saw us separating into groups and learning survival skills including how to build a fire and cook food. We also had to show team spirit by coming up with our own team song, presenting to the teachers who chose a winning group. Well done to Team 9 on an excellent team chant! We fiished the day with a walk through the beautiful bushland surrounding Valley Homestead.

20180814_154118      20180814_154611


Wednesday and Thursday, we were into all the exciting activities on offer at Valley Homstead, including:

  • High Ropes Course
  • Power Pole
  • Bike Riding
  • Flying Fox
  • Vertical Drop Slide
  • Rock Climbing
  • Abseiling

It was tough (particularly on cold and rainy Wednesday) but we got through it all and had lots of fun at the same time.

20180815_103738      20180815_102101

20180815_101012      20180815_094941

20180816_103033      20180815_130309      20180816_102815

20180816_115233      20180816_122926      20180816_122813

20180816_121855      20180816_121325


Thursday night we celebrated our time at camp with a trivia night – well done to all the teams. It was so close in the end, with only two points between the top three teams!


Overall, camp was a remarkable experience for all students. We gained valuable lessons and developed important life skills in a practical, hands-on setting.


We can’t wait for next year!

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August 2018

Learning About Characterisation in 5/6


In preparation for writing our own narratives, students in years 5 and 6 spent some time investigating how to develop interesting and complex characters. We explored how different authors portray the elements of their characters in their writing. In particular we considered a character’s…

  • Personality
  • Appearance
  • Likes and Dislikes (Opinions)
  • Relationships
  • Habits/Hobbies/Job

We examined a number of different characters in a variety of texts, using our inferencing skills to make judgements about the above elements of character. I think our favourite was analysing the character of Grandma from ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’ by Roald Dahl.

Roald DahlRoald DahlGMM3         roald dahl

After studying these different characters it was our turn to develop a character of our own. We used a character profile worksheet to identify all the different elements of character we had examined in earlier lessons, establishing what our character’s liked, their relationships, their habits and hobbies or if they had a job. Finally, we drew a portrait of our characters.

Many students went on to use these characters in our narratives for the Belle Vue Book Awards. We were excited to share with the class the beginnings of these narratives; and it was an excellent opportunity to receive some constructive feedback.

20180809_125544           20180809_125319

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Respect is a positive feeling or action shown towards someone or something considered important, or held in high esteem or regard; it conveys

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Exploring Identity in Grade 5/6

Exploring Identity in Grade 5/6

In Grades 5 and 6, we  support students as they develop into confident, independent, happy and reflective learners. To assist students in reaching their full potential, our teachers collaboratively design meaningful and engaging units of work.

As part of our Term 1 Integrated unit, students have been exploring the concept of Identity. This will assist students to develop a greater awareness of self and effective strategies to deal with the curve-balls which life throws at us.

Through hands-on activities and inquiry, students have investigated how to capitalise their individual strengths and challenge their weaknesses in order to achieve their own emotional, social and physical greatness.

29391654_10156164535049378_35705215_o (2)

The concepts that students have investigated include multiple intelligences, responsible risk taking, character strengths, habits of the mind, social greatness, effective communication, overcoming conflict, having a growth mindset, and using positive self-talk.

To conclude our Identity unit, students will individually create a video reflecting upon the key concepts and ideas surrounding Identity. Students are to be silent throughout their presentations, only raising cards to present their information and using body language to communicate with the audience.


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Interschool Sports in 5/6

Interschool Sports in 5/6
A major highlight of our Grade 5/6 program is Interschool Sports. On a weekly basis, our Grade 5/6 students compete against local schools. In Term 1, students are learning how to play softball, cricket, hot shoty tennis and volleyball.
Participating in Interschool Sports not only encourages healthy and active lifestyles, it provides our students with opportunities to develop the lifelong skills of teamwork, getting along, communication, persistence and resilience. The aim of Interschool Sports is to develop an enjoyment of physical activity, develop community relationships, display sportsmanship and positive attitudes, and to reflect our school values of ‘Pride’, ‘Responsibility’, ‘Respect’, ‘Commitment’ and ‘Integrity’ at all times.
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Multicultural Day

Multicultural Day

Last Wednesday, 21 March, 2018 the whole school celebrated ‘Harmony week’ with our annual ‘Multicultural day’. The day started with a parade, students came in wonderful costumes representative of their cultures. It was evident that a lot of thought and effort went into the costumes which was fantastic to see.

Costumes at the parade!

Costumes at the parade!


…and more

Costumes at the parade

…and more again!

The parade was followed by a learning rotation. The kids participated in activities such as origami making, learning how to play the European sport; ‘fist ball’, making Chinese dragon masks, learning how to play French boules referred to as ‘Petanque’ and making pasta necklaces (just to name a few).


Shield Making





After recess the junior school had the pleasure of watching ‘Around the World and Back again’ by Two Friends Productions whilst the middle and senior school engaged in a second learning rotation. After the first show, the middle and senior school students then watched the show whilst the junior school engaged in a second learning rotation. The presentation was an engaging and fun filled story about a Captain and his sailor assistant who travel the world making amazing discoveries. The story explored various continents, countries and their cultures. The incursion was fantastic, it provided lots of learning and laughs and was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff!


Around the World and Back Again

The students then had a special pizza lunch that was organised with the help of our wonderful PFA that consisted of authentic Italian pizzas from ‘Via Condotti’. This was followed by gelato from the ‘Something Sweet’ gelato cart. Students enjoyed either vaniglia (vanilla) or fragola (strawberry). Both the pizza and gelato were delicious! After lunch, students discussed and reflected on the day’s events as well as developed their understanding of the significance of Harmony week.


IMG_1775 Gelato cart



Eating gelato

Multicultural day 2018 was a fantastic success. It demonstrated the wonderfully diverse yet collaborative community we have at Belle Vue Primary School. As a community we were able to lead by example what it means to live in harmoniously in a multicultural community. Students, staff and parents should be proud of the successful day it was. Thank you to everyone for their contributions, Multicultural day 2018 is certainly one we will not forget!


Signorina Piacentini



Preps looking amazing!


Grade 3/4s looking wonderful!


…and again!


See the upcoming newsletter for more wonderful photos & reflections!

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Belle Vue’s Buddy Program

Belle Vue’s Buddy Program
At Belle Vue Primary School, we believe in teaching the ‘whole child’ and supporting students’ academic, social, emotional and personal wellbeing. A major highlight for Grade 5 students is our Buddy Program. Throughout Term 1, students have been getting to know their new prep buddies for 2018.
By participating in collaborative sessions each fortnight, Grade 5 students experience a variety of engaging activities with their buddies. So far, students have participated in play-based learning, dancing, reading and book making. Students have also created ‘Buddy Books’, ‘How Buddies Help Each Other’ posters, and portrait drawings. Throughout the year, students will be engaging in STEM activities, scavenger hunts, sustainability sessions, writing and reading sessions, and craft experiences.
 We believe that our Buddy Program is fundamental in enhancing our students’ social and emotional wellbeing, as students learn to mentor, encourage and learn from their peers. Through this program, we support our Grade 5 students as they develop positive relationships, friendships, responsibility and compassion, as well as fundamental communication, teamwork and leadership skills.
Lastly, by targeting students’ academic, social, emotional and personal wellbeing, we aim to build confident, happy and motivated students who enjoy school and have a strong sense of community connectedness.
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