Why is it important to make healthy choices?

Why is it important to make healthy choices?

Today we thought about what the word healthy means. We thought of lots of different things, like eating healthy food, exercising, getting enough sleep, brushing your teeth and personal hygiene.Here is a list of some of the reasons why we think it is important to make healthy choices:

  • If you only eat junk food you could die. – C. G
  • You need to make healthy choices to stay healthy and fit so you can have a good life. – H. K
  • You will have a balanced diet so you can have a healthy life. – D. E
  • If you eat the right food it will give you more energy so you can build up your stamina and be the best that you can be. – A. M
  • You have to eat healthy so you can be healthy. That means if you eat healthy food like veggies you will feel happy and healthy. – T. V
  • Eat healthy things so you don’t get hypo or silly and you can make good choices. Then you can learn more when you are at school. – J. M
  • Eat healthy foods so you don’t get sick. If we get sick, we can’t play sport or come to school to learn new things. – D. H
  • We can’t eat junk food every day because it can damage your body. – J. J

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