Ways to be kind in grade 1/2

Ways to be kind in grade 1/2

Today at school we thought about some different ways that we can be kind to each other. Here are some of the ideas that we came up with:

  • Play with lots of different people. – A. P
  • Let everyone play the games with you. – M.L
  • Think before you speak. – J.P
  • Respect other people by listening to the rules in the game. – S.J
  • Help other people. -D.H
  • Be grateful for what you are given. – C.G
  • Sort out your problems, don’t just ignore them. – X. P
  • Invite people to play the game with you. – J.J
  • Be a good sport. – M.T
  • Congratulate each other and say kind things. – A.M
  • Listen to what everyone is saying. – M.A

Here are some photos of us working together to create our posters.

IMG_6851 IMG_6852 IMG_6853 IMG_6854 IMG_6856 (1) IMG_6860

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