Watch It Grow!

Watch It Grow!

Our integrated topic this term has been Watch it Grow! As part of our studies, we have learnt all about plants and the things that they need to grow – such as soil, sunlight and water.

We have conducted experiments where we have tried to grow pumpkin seeds with only two things: sunlight and soil, soil and water, water and sunlight. We have recorded our observations and measurements in our seed diaries. If you would like to see these experiments they are located in various places around the BER building and have had some interesting results!

We have been growing all sorts of things from seeds – currently in seedlings we have sunflowers, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and broad beans. They are outside around the trees with pavers each day to get as much sunlight as they can.

Below are a few photos of our little seedlings. We are very proud of their progress.

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IMG_6656 IMG_6654

IMG_6655  IMG_6653

IMG_6651  IMG_6652


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