Awesome Ordering (of numbers)

Awesome Ordering (of numbers)

Today in maths we ordered numbers from smallest to largest.

Firstly, we cut out all of the numbers that we needed.

Then we put all of the numbers in order from smallest to largest. To work out what number went first, we looked at the first digit. If the first digits were the same, then we looked at the second digit. If the second digits were the same, then we looked at the third.

Here are some of our reflections from today:

I really liked cutting up the numbers and putting them in order because I like to be neat. – I.P

If you get a number wrong, you could take it off and try and look at it and then you can ask somebody to help you. – A.P

If you had a number and it was a bit too hard to put into the right spot, you could look at the first digit and then the second digit to help you put it in the right spot. – N.D

You really have to focus on what you are doing so that you don’t get the digits mixed up. – A.M

All numbers can be different sizes. – A.F

It is harder to put them in order from biggest to smallest than smallest to biggest. -P.S

By 1/2D


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