Our exciting excursion to Edendale Farm!

Our exciting excursion to Edendale Farm!

We went to Edendale farm which is in Eltham. At the farm we fed some animals like chickens, goats and sheep. We got to pat some sheep, the calf and the guinea pigs. We also learnt about plants, compost and the environment. Here are some of the things that we learnt today:

  • Worm tea is actually worm pee (EWW!) – H.K
  • We can help the environment by using a compost bin – D. E
  • The worms poo is actually the compost we put on our gardens – P. S
  • You can put lots of things in the compost, like banana and orange peel – L. C
  • The worms are really important in making good soil. They don’t like acidic or spicy things, like onions and chilli. – J.B
  • All seeds have a hard shell to protect them. – F.R
  • We looked at the seeds of a species called a Scarlet Runner Bean – A.E
  • Plants can be different sizes. – N.D
  • A coconut is actually a really huge seed. – D.H
  • Worms like the dark. – J.D
  • A nursery is broken up into different sections with tiny seedlings (kindergarden), growing seedlings (primary school), small established plants (high school) and plants ready for sale (university). – D. H


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