L’Aula d’Italiano

Term 1 for all grades has been mainly focused on learning to meet and greet in the Italian language and on learning to count.

Prep have been busy learning songs such as ‘Ciao Buongiorno’ and ‘Dieci Piccoli Indiani’ (Ten little Indians) and have just started learning ‘I Colori’ (colours).

Foundation children singing 'Dieci Piccoli Indiani' (Ten Little Indians).

Foundation children singing ‘Dieci Piccoli Indiani’ (Ten Little Indians).

The 1/2s have also learnt the ‘Ciao Buongiorno’ song, explored the meaning of the lyrics and learnt ‘I colori’.

The 3/4s have been busy learning to meet and greet in Italian and are now learning to tell the story of ‘Il Bruco Molto Affamato’ (The Very Hungry Catepillar).

The 5/6s have been working on writing and acting out role plays between two people who have just met as well as learning to calculate numbers in Italian. To tie in with multicultural day they have been exploring ‘Le Nazioni’ (countries) and using the present tense to write simple sentences related to their cultural background.

5/6 role playing two people meeting for the first time.

5/6 students role playing two people meeting for the first time.

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