Grade 5s and 6s Get Robotic in ICT!

Grade 5s and 6s Get Robotic in ICT!

1st November, 2018


The Grade 5s and 6s have been learning how to send coded directions to robots!


It is an exciting time is ICT for the Grade 5s and 6s! After spending a lot of last term learning to code computer games using ‘Scratch’ we have now moved on to using this same program to send directions to robots!


The Edison robot can be linked to the computer through the headphone port on our computers.


Using a special, step by step program on the scratch website, we have been able control Edison, getting the little robot to follow a paper map from a start to finish point. Using the computer we plotted out a course and exported the directions, before sending Edison on his way. Our aim was to get him as close to the map line and finish point as possible.


It has been great fun learning to use the Edison robots and Scratch program – we can’t wait to have another turn next week!

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