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25th October 2018

Grades 5 and 6 enjoyed becoming CEOs of their own smoothie company in our Mini-boss Smoothie Bar Incursion


On Thursday, the Grade 5 and 6 students were involved in an incursion as part of our Enterprise Unit. As part of this incursion, the students all become CEOs of their own smoothie company, working in teams of 5 to develop a marketing plan.


But first up, the new companies had to develop some teamwork skills – as a group they were asked to build a paper plane… with one hand behind their back! Once folded, each team nominated a pilot to fly their paper plane as far as they could, with the winning team scoring a bag of lollies. Congratulations to Pilot Ryan and his team!

20181025_091705 20181025_091711 20181025_092134 20181025_092144

Back inside, students were intorduced to the ‘6 Step Plan’:

20181025_093716 (1)

As new smoothie companies, they were required to go out and do some market research, quizzing their classmates about their favourite ingredients and flavours, before developing a recipe for their company’s smoothie.

20181025_100455 20181025_095900

Meanwhile, some of the team focussed on developing brand names and slogans for their company – this was an important part of the 6 step marketing strategy that the students had been introuced to.

20181025_094948 20181025_093615 20181025_102759

Once they had figured out the cost of ingredients, each company made their first smoothie, taste testing their recipe before making any adjustments to improve the quality. Then it was time to make their final smoothie, which they could share with potential customers (classmates) and get some valuable feedback about their company’s work.

20181025_102500 20181025_112321 20181025_103949 20181025_114221 20181025_114250

Finally, the day culminated in each company presenting a pitch to the ‘sharks’ (better known as the teachers) who selected a winning presentation from each class.

20181025_123003 20181025_122936 20181025_122928 20181025_122853 20181025_122830 20181025_112451 20181025_095034

A truly fantastic day! We can’t wait to utilise all the knowledge we gained as we start to develop our own enterprise projects in integrated studies.

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