Buddies Time with the Preps and Grade 5s

The Preps plant a kindness garden with their Grade 5 buddies!


In our buddy time today, the Preps were keen to share what they have been learning about kindness this term. To display this learning, each buddy team made a kindness flower.

20181026_144459 20181026_145353 20181026_144433 20181026_144427

On each petal the Preps and Grade 5s wrote an act of kindness. Some of these kind actions included:

  • Pushing in people’s chair for them.
  • Inviting someone to play who has no one to play with.
  • Looking after your friends when they are hurt or sad.
  • Helping someone clean up without them asking for help.
  • Giving someone a compliment to make them feel nice.

20181026_144554 20181026_144524

After cutting and gluing each petal the buddy teams coloured and decorated their kindness flower. We look forward to seeing their beautiful work on display in the Prep classrooms.

20181026_144729 20181026_144450

“You never know what light you might spark in others, just through your kindness and your example.”

Jennifer Rockwood

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