Prep Scientists exploring Weather!

Prep Scientists exploring Weather!

In Prep, our Integrated topic for this term is ‘Weather in my World’.

This week the ‘Big Question’ we explored in Prep G was ‘how and why does it rain?’

We began by thinking about when after it rains and there’s puddles on the ground, where does the rain go? Does it just disappear? How?

We looked at the water cycle and learnt about how rain can evaporate into water vapor and go up to the sky to make clouds.

We looked at videos and discussed how clouds go a darker colour when it may rain soon! We learnt that it begins to rain, snow or hail when the water vapor gets too heavy in the clouds.

We then tested this idea with a ‘Rain Cloud in a Cup’ experiment! We created our rain clouds using shaving cream, and predicted how many rain drops (made up of food colour & water) we thought the cloud could hold before it ‘rained’. We then did a ‘write up’ of our experiment – drawing diagrams labelling the materials we used and explaining what we learnt from the experiment.

IMG_5241 IMG_5233

We had so much fun and are looking forward to more weather science experiments throughout the term!

IMG_5218 IMG_5225 IMG_5229 IMG_5235 IMG_5232 IMG_5240 IMG_5239 IMG_5215 IMG_5209  IMG_5213 IMG_5237 IMG_5217

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