Prep W – Judging our Belle Vue Book Award stories!

Prep W – Judging our Belle Vue Book Award stories!

This week we were very busy judging our stories for the Belle Vue Book Awards!

All the students worked very hard in Term 3, and wrote their very own picture story.

We went through the whole writing process:

  • We made a plan for our story which included: characters, the setting, the problem, the solution and the WOW words we wanted to use
  • We then began writing our stories
  • We edited as we wrote
  • We came up with a title and blurb
  • Then we drew all the illustrations

After we finished our books, we all read each others amazing stories.

Then came the judging process! Here you can see some photos of us hard at work, making sure we scored each book fairly.

012 003

We judged the books on 4 criteria:

  1. Uses a variety of punctuation i.e. … !!! ?
  2. Does it have a clear beginning, middle and end?
  3. Does the story have lots of WOW words?
  4. Do the pictures match the words on the page?


Maybe the two students above didn’t agree when judging this book!


We worked in pairs, and got to review and judge 3 books. We weren’t allowed to judge our own book!

We scored the books out of 5 for each criteria, so the most a book could receive was 20/20!


We then used number lines to add up the scores. Ms Woodhouse took our score sheets and announced our two short listed books for the award ceremony on Monday.

We loved the whole Belle Vue Book Award process and we can’t wait to hear the winners, and listen to their stories!


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