What’s happening in the Italian classroom…

Welcome back to term 2!

We are now back into the swing of term in the Italian classroom. All the grades are busy learning about different elements  of the Italian language.


We created a number line for numbers uno fino a dieci!

Preps are learning to count 1-10 and recognising Italian numbers in their written form.

Grade 1/2 are learning words for ‘lo sport’ (sports), did you know that lots of words in Italian are the same as the English word – il tennis, il netball, il cricket or are very similar – l’atletica (athletics), lo sci (skiing)

Bravissimo Luca!

Bravissimo Luca!

Grade 3/4 are learning about ‘il cibo’ (food), are learning to express their preferences for various foods as well as identify with the gender of a noun in both it’s singular and plural form.

Grade 5/6 are exploring strategies to decode foreign language and in the process are learning about the ‘Commedia dell’Arte’ (Comedy of the Arts) characters.


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