What we have been up to in the Italian classroom…

Hi again!

An update on what we have been doing in the Italian classroom.

Preps are learning about all things Italian – last week we read ‘Olivia goes to Venice’ and learnt all about what Venice has to offer.

Today we explored different foods that come from Italy and learnt how to express whether or not we liked particular foods – ‘mi piace’ (I like)and ‘non mi piace’ (I don’t like).

Grade 1/2s are learning about ‘I stagioni’ (the seasons).

The students have been working on creating ‘una scena’ (a scene) for one of the seasons. They then labelled all the things in their scene (in Italian) using resources in the classroom (dictionaries, books and word mats).


L’estate (Summer)


L’autunno (Autumn)

Grade 3/4s are learning about Italy and its ‘regioni’ – last week we learnt that there are 20 regions in Italy and each one has unique character/monuments/sites.

Grade 5/6 finished their ‘idioma’ (idiom) posters. They look amazing. Have a look below.


Idiome e espressioni Italiane


Idiome e espressioni Italiane

They are now creating their own bilingual short stories for young children.


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