Term 4 nel aula d’italiano

Buongiorno to everyone and hope you had a restful and enjoyable break.

Term 4 is in full swing and all grades have been keeping busy.

Preps finished off making their ‘la famiglia delle dita’ finger puppets as part of our learning immediate family member titles unit – afterwards we used the puppets to sing along.

Here is a link to the song:


Working Hard

Working Hard

Singing Along

Singing Along

Preps have now moved on from ‘La Famiglia’ and are learning about the country of Italia and all things Italian.

Grade 1/2 students are learning ‘I mesi dell’anno’ (months of the year) and are about to begin exploring ‘le stagioni’ (the seasons) and ‘il tempo’ (the weather). Students have been practising their Italian speaking skills by learning how to say when they birthday occurs.

Grade 3/4 are exploring ‘superlativi’ (superlatives or as we term them – super adjectives) – Tu sei bella! (You are beautiful!) In superlative form – Tu sei bellissima! (You are the most beautiful).

Grade 5/6 are exploring idiome (idioms) and Italian expressions. They are creating pictures of the literal translation of idioms (similar to the ones you see below).


In bocca al lupo – Lit. translation: In the mouth of the wolf (Goodluck!)



Avere un diavolo per capello – Lit translation: To have a devil for every hair (To be absolutely furious!)

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