5/6 and 1/2 Music

The year 5/6 and 1/2 students enjoyed playing two of their favourite games in music this week.

Mishka beat mve     James R beat mve

The first game is called Moving Detectives. One student is chosen as the leader and one student is chosen as the detective. Students stand in a circle and when the music starts the leader moves to the music and the class copies their dance moves. The detective has three guesses to pick the leader.

Robson det 2    5:6 boys dance

The second game is called The Beat Goes Round The Room. In this game students stand in a circle and pass the phrase around the room keeping a steady beat. If they miss a beat they are out! There are a number of variations such as, using funny voices and adding movement.

Alex beat mve    Claudia beat mve

James P beat mve    Meave beat mve

It was a great day of music lessons with all students demonstrating fair play and expanding their musical skills and knowledge through play.

James B beat mve    Jonathan 1:2 beat mve


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