L’aula d’Italiano!

Ciao a tutti,

It is hard to believe that in two short weeks term 3 will be over!

As always, we have been keeping busy in the Italian classroom.

Preps, grade 1s and 2s have been learning about vocabulary surrounding ‘La famiglia’ (family). Grades 1/2s have been using this vocabulary to begin to understand the gendering of nouns rule in the Italian language.

Next week the preps will begin learning ‘la famiglia delle dita’ canzone (the finger family song).


Grade 3/4s have been working on a mini project, they created their own ‘cestino di frutta’ (fruit bowl) and used their knowledge of the subject-verb-noun sentence structure and pluralising noun rule to write sentences that describe what is in their fruit bowl.


Hard at work


and again!

Grade 5/6s have been learning about ‘le materie’ (subjects), expressing their preferences and dislikes with regard to various subjects. They conducted a class survey and drew an ‘istogramma’ (bar graph) that displays whole class preferences for various subjects.



Buone vacanze (happy holidays) to everyone!


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