Week 5 in the Italian classroom

Prep students have been busy learning the different names for animals. We have been learning to sing the song ‘Il Coccodrillo Come Fa?’ and using the song to help us learn the names of the animals. Students have also developed an understanding that in Italy, children associate different sounds to what we do with some animals. The song shows us this.

You can sing along at home too.


Grade 1/2 students are exploring vocabulary associated with ‘la famiglia’ (family) and developing an understanding of how to recognise masculine nouns and feminine nouns. Today we completed a word find using some of this vocabulary!

Grade 3/4 are learning vocabulary for various fruits and learning to recognise how to identify singular and plural words for fruits.

Grade 5/6 students are developing a rich understanding of what school is like in Italy and drawing comparisons between school in Australia and school in Italy. We have been working on Venn diagrams in order to show this learning.


The girls working hard on their Venn diagrams

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