Capacity with Prep W!

Capacity with Prep W!

The Preps have been learning all about capacity this week.

We’ve been enjoying lots of hands on activities, comparing the capacity of different containers and estimating the amount that they would hold.

Here we are predicting which one would hold more, out of two containers.


Then we measured to check:



We tried our best to make our measurements accurate by filling one container all the way to the top.

Then we poured from one container to another to check.

The next day, we tried different activities such as ordering containers from holds least to holds most.




Then we filled containers to different levels such as – Full, Half Full, Half Empty, Nearly Full, Nearly Empty and Empty.



Then we measured using rice, sand and pasta to fill larger containers. First we estimated (a sensible guess!) how many spoonful’s or cupful’s it would take to fill the larger container. Then we checked:



We’ve had a great week and now we know a lot more about capacity!


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