What we are upto in the Italian classroom…

Preps are currently making family finger puppets to help them to learn family member titles. We have been singing along to the song ‘La famiglia della dita’. Follow the link to sing along at home. Next week they will start learning the days of the week in Italian!

Making 'La Famiglia della dita' (The Finger Family)

Making ‘La Famiglia della dita’ (The Finger Family) puppets.

Singing along to ‘La Famiglia della dita’ song.

The grade 1/2 students have finished learning how to express what they eat for various meals and are currently learning modes of transport ‘il trasporto’.

The 3/4 students have been engaging in discussion about all things culturally and historically Italian and are now doing a mini research task on a topic that interests them. They are soon going to present their research findings to the class.

Grade 5/6 have been learning how to express the time and how to write/use reflexive verbs. They are using this knowledge of time and reflexive verbs to write sentences that describe what they do in the morning in order to get ready.







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