Awesome Animal Reports

Awesome Animal Reports

Today in class we learned how to research our favourite animals. We had to find facts about an animal that we chose.

First we used books in the library and then we used laptops to do some more research.

Something interesting that we learnt today was:

  • Huskies colours are black and white – T.V
  • Blue Whales tongues can weigh as much as an elephant – N.D
  • Blue whales are predators – H.O
  • When the bats are upside down they are so still that sometimes they look like they are dead – E.S
  • A cats hearing is better than a dogs hearing – F.R
  • Cats aren’t predators to many animals, except mice – A.F
  • Hyena cubs fight with each other to establish dominance and to get to the food first – A.M
  • When some animals are born they are blind and deaf – J.M

Here are some pictures of us hard at work:

eimg_9079 eimg_9080 eimg_9081 eimg_9082

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