Term 4 nel aula d’italiano

Term 4 is well and truly in full swing now! All grades have been keeping busy.

Preps have been busy learning to count past 10, as well as consolidating on their number and colour learning by doing activities that help them to recognise Italian numbers and colours in their written form. They are now learning vocabulary associated with ‘La Famiglia’ (Family).

Grade 1/2 students have been learning how to use a junior Italian dictionary so as to find appropriate vocabulary to describe the foods they eat at various times of day (colazione [breakfast], pranzo [lunch], merenda [snack] and cena [dinner]). This week they have been learning how to put these nouns into a sentence that describes what they eat at meal times.



Work sample of dictionary activity students engaged in.


Sample of activity where student must write a sentence to describe the foods they eat at various meal times.

Grade 3/4 students both at the end of last term and in the past two weeks have been writing a short paragraph to describe themselves. This week they have shared this writing with the class so as to practise their oral speaking and comprehension skills. They are about to start a unit on Italy and Italian culture.

Grade 5/6 students have been consolidating on their knowledge of numbers, they have learnt ordinal numbers in Italian and are now beginning a unit of work on time and reflexive verbs (in an effort to describe what they do at various times of day).





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