Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership

The Preps were lucky enough to have visit from Elke and her dog Oskar, who came in and taught us how to be safe around unfamiliar animals.


When we see an angry dog we should:

  • Stand still
  • Put our hands by our sides
  • Be as quiet as a mouse
  • Look at the ground.

Here we are practicing:


Then we did role playing, acting out different scenarios for when we meet unfamiliar dogs:


When we see a dog that looks friendly and we would like to pat it, these are the steps we should take:

  • Walk up and stop in front of the dog and it’s owner (not too close)
  • Ask the owner if it’s ok to pat their dog
  • If they say yes, walk to the dog slowly
  • Close your hand into a fist and let the dog sniff your hand
  • Walk to the side of the dog, and have a pat!

Here are a lucky couple of Preps who got to pat Oskar:


Thank-you to Elke, Oskar and the Responsible Pet Ownership program.

We will definitely put these skills to good use!

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