Learning First Aid

Learning First Aid

Yesterday, Belle Vue students were lucky enough to have representatives from St John First Aid, come and take Primary School First Aid Awareness courses for all classes.


The grade 5/6 students showed a good prior understanding of First Aid, as well as a keen interest and enthusiasm to learn more and participate in the demonstrations.

All of the students took a lot out of the sessions. Below are some of the 5/6’s reflections.


“The session was really fun and simple which made it easy to understand” – Anisha

“I learnt how to put someone in the recovery position and why you put them in it, so they can breathe better” – Alyssa

“In this first aid session I learned about CPR and the recovery position as well as refreshing my mind on drsabcd” – Pharrell

“I found it interesting because if there is someone in danger I’d know what to do other than calling 000” – Steven

“At the end of this session, I think I feel much more confident since I now know what to do in this situation” – Nathan

“I learnt about the steps to take to help the person in need. They are DRSABCD: danger, response, send for help, airway, breathing, CPR and Defib” – Cherise

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