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Preps & La Pizza!

This week the prep students finished making their pizze.

Have a look at the finished product, bravi!



Working hard


The finished product

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What we have been up to in the Italian classroom…

Hi again!

An update on what we have been doing in the Italian classroom.

Preps are learning about all things Italian – last week we read ‘Olivia goes to Venice’ and learnt all about what Venice has to offer.

Today we explored different foods that come from Italy and learnt how to express whether or not we liked particular foods – ‘mi piace’ (I like)and ‘non mi piace’ (I don’t like).

Grade 1/2s are learning about ‘I stagioni’ (the seasons).

The students have been working on creating ‘una scena’ (a scene) for one of the seasons. They then labelled all the things in their scene (in Italian) using resources in the classroom (dictionaries, books and word mats).


L’estate (Summer)


L’autunno (Autumn)

Grade 3/4s are learning about Italy and its ‘regioni’ – last week we learnt that there are 20 regions in Italy and each one has unique character/monuments/sites.

Grade 5/6 finished their ‘idioma’ (idiom) posters. They look amazing. Have a look below.


Idiome e espressioni Italiane


Idiome e espressioni Italiane

They are now creating their own bilingual short stories for young children.


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Term 4 nel aula d’italiano

Buongiorno to everyone and hope you had a restful and enjoyable break.

Term 4 is in full swing and all grades have been

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L’aula d’Italiano!

Ciao a tutti,

It is hard to believe that in two short weeks term 3 will be over!

As always, we have been keeping busy in the Italian classroom.

Preps, grade 1s and 2s have been learning about vocabulary surrounding ‘La famiglia’ (family). Grades 1/2s have been using this vocabulary to begin to understand the gendering of nouns rule in the Italian language.

Next week the preps will begin learning ‘la famiglia delle dita’ canzone (the finger family song).

Grade 3/4s have been working on a mini project, they created their own ‘cestino di frutta’ (fruit bowl) and used their knowledge of the subject-verb-noun sentence structure and pluralising noun rule to write sentences that describe what is in their fruit bowl.


Hard at work


and again!

Grade 5/6s have been learning about ‘le materie’ (subjects), expressing their preferences and dislikes with regard to various subjects. They conducted a class survey and drew an ‘istogramma’ (bar graph) that displays whole class preferences for various subjects.



Buone vacanze (happy holidays) to everyone!


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Week 5 in the Italian classroom

Prep students have been busy learning the different names for animals. We have been learning to sing the song ‘Il Coccodrillo Come Fa?’ and using the song to help us learn the names of the animals. Students have also developed an understanding that in Italy, children associate different sounds to what we do with some animals. The song shows us this.

You can sing along at home too.

Grade 1/2 students are exploring vocabulary associated with ‘la famiglia’ (family) and developing an understanding of how to recognise masculine nouns and feminine nouns. Today we completed a word find using some of this vocabulary!

Grade 3/4 are learning vocabulary for various fruits and learning to recognise how to identify singular and plural words for fruits.

Grade 5/6 students are developing a rich understanding of what school is like in Italy and drawing comparisons between school in Australia and school in Italy. We have been working on Venn diagrams in order to show this learning.


The girls working hard on their Venn diagrams

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Whats on nel aula d’italiano

Week 2 of Term 3 and all grades are hard at work in the Italian classroom.

Preps are learning names for animals and developing the understanding that culture influences representations of sounds such as those made by animals. Today we are using ‘Il Coccodrillo Come Fa?’ song to help us learn words for various animals as well as learn the sounds that they make.

You can sing along at home too.

Grade 1/2 are continuing to explore ‘Gli opposti/I contrari’ (Opposites). We have been playing games like memory and charades to help us remember the vocabulary. Check out some of the work we have been doing.

opposti display600

The grade 1/2 students ‘Opposti’ display

Grade 3/4 students are learning how to conjugate ‘avere’ (to have) in the present tense so that they can write sentences using the ‘subject-verb-object’ sentence structure. Using this knowledge, this week, the students will write some of their own sentences.

Grade 5/6 students are learning about what school is like in Italy and drawing comparisons between school in Australia and school in Italy. Today they completed some online research to develop their knowledge.


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What we have been up to in the Italian classroom…

Term 3 has flown, we have been keeping very busy!

Preps have been learning body parts using songs such as ‘La Canzone di Geppetto’ (Geppetto’s song) and ‘Testa, spalle, Ginocchie e Piedi’ (Head, shoulders, knees and toes). They have been working hard on cutting and pasting the words for body parts and sticking them onto the body.


Colouring in


Cut and pasting

Grade 1/2 have been learning ‘verbi’ (verbs) to describe things they like doing (mi piace) and things they do not like doing (non mi piace). Today we played charades using different verbs!

Grade 3/4 are in the process of performing their role plays that they wrote. This role play involves them engaging in a conversation with their friend surrounding the borrowing of stationary items.

Grade 5/6 recently started looking at the topic of ‘La Casa’, they have been exploring grammatical rules such as how to pluralise nouns and sentence structures so as to describe how many different rooms they have in their house.



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An update on our learning in the Italian classroom…

The Preps have been busy using ‘Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio’ (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) to learn about numbers. Below is some fantastic work completed by Sophie.

Sophie's (PW) 'Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio' number cut and paste

Sophie (PW) Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio number cut and paste


The preps are now beginning to learn about the story of ‘Pinocchio’, using ‘La Canzone di Geppetto’ (Geppetto’s song). The story of Pinocchio is supporting their learning of  vocabulary associated with parts of the body.

Grade 1/2 students have finished exploring colours and days of the week using ‘Il Lupo che Voleva Cambiare Colore’ (The Wolf Who Wanted to Change his Colour) story. Below is Lachlan’s fantastic work he recently completed.

Il Lupo Che Voleva Cambiare Colore cut and paste by Lachlan (1/2P)

Il Lupo Che Voleva Cambiare Colore cut and paste by Lachlan (1/2P)

Grade 1/2 students are now exploring things they like to do, by exploring verbs (‘doing’) words.

Grade 3/4 students have been learning vocabulary for objects found in the classroom, as well as exploring definite and indefinite articles and how to pluralise definite nouns. The 3/4s are now about to apply some of their learning by writing a role play where they ask class mates to borrow items of stationary. They will present these to the class in the coming weeks!

Grade 5/6 students have been busy presenting their fantastic research to the class based on their ‘festa’ (celebration) of choice. The presentations we have seen so far have been fantastic, bravissimi!


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Term 2 nel aula d’italiano

Here is what we are up to at the moment in the Italian classroom.

Preps are currently exploring numbers 1-10 and developing their ability to recognise numbers as Italian words. We are doing this using ‘Il Piccolo Bruco Maisazio’ (The Very Hungry Caterpillar).

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Grade 1/2 students are exploring colours, days of their week and their listening comprehension skills using the story ‘Il Lupo Che Voleva Cambiare Colore’ (The Wolf Who Wanted to Change His Colour).

The Wolf Who Wanted to Change his Colour

The Wolf Who Wanted to Change his Colour



Grade 3/4s have begun learning vocabulary associated with objects found in the classroom and are now learning to conjugate the verb ‘avere’ (to have) in the present tense and using this knowledge to describe objects found in people’s possession within the classroom.

Grade 5/6 students are extending their learning from last term by engaging in a research task based on a famous ‘festa’ of their choice that is celebrated in Italy. They will present these to the class in the coming weeks.

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Buona Pasqua & Buone Vacanze

Recently all the students have been learning about ‘Pasqua’ (Easter) in Italy and have been engaged in discussions surrounding the similarities and differences between Easter in Italy and Easter in Australia as well as learning vocabulary associated with Pasqua.

Preps: Made ‘Buona Pasqua’ posters for their ‘Mamma’, ‘Papà’, ‘Nonno’ or ‘Nonna’ (Mum, dad, grandpa, grandma).

Grade 1/2: Made ‘pulcini’ (chicks) in the shape of ‘l’uovo di pasqua’ (Easter eggs).

Grade 3/4: Made Easter gift labels with Italian Easter greetings on them.

Grade 5/6: Made Venn diagrams which outlined their understandings of the similarities and differences between Easter in Italy and Australia.

Wishing everyone a fantastic holiday break and for those that celebrate, Buona Pasqua (Happy Easter).

Buona Pasqua

Happy Easter



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