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Fun with Fractions!

Grade 3/4H has been having fun learning all about fractions with hands on tasks and games including a fractions chatterbox!



We learnt how fractions are related to decimals and how they can come in very handy – especially if we are using money or eating pizza!


Everyone now has a better understanding of fractions and decimals in 3/4H.

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Understanding money matters!

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Grade 3/4S recently learned that it is easy to get ‘ripped off’ when using cash for purchases! Some very devious shop keepers were asked to secretly short change their class mates during a shopping activity. Some savvy shoppers worked it out very quickly – but some had to tally up their purchases and check what cash they had remaining before they even realised they had been had!

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Mobile Muster

Mobile Muster is coming to an end!

Our Mobile Muster has been a great success, thank you to all the families that have donated their unwanted mobile phones to the cause. We will soon be tallying our final results and sending our phones off to be recycled, so if you were waiting….. don’t wait any longer! This is the last week for donations so please get them in!

Thank you, from Grade 3/4 S

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