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Responsible Pet Ownership

Responsible Pet Ownership

The Preps were lucky enough to have visit from Elke and her dog Oskar, who came in and taught us how to be safe around unfamiliar animals.


When we see an angry dog we should:

  • Stand still
  • Put our hands by our sides
  • Be as quiet as a mouse
  • Look at the ground.

Here we are practicing:


Then we did role playing, acting out different scenarios for when we meet unfamiliar dogs:


When we see a dog that looks friendly and we would like to pat it, these are the steps we should take:

  • Walk up and stop in front of the dog and it’s owner (not too close)
  • Ask the owner if it’s ok to pat their dog
  • If they say yes, walk to the dog slowly
  • Close your hand into a fist and let the dog sniff your hand
  • Walk to the side of the dog, and have a pat!

Here are a lucky couple of Preps who got to pat Oskar:


Thank-you to Elke, Oskar and the Responsible Pet Ownership program.

We will definitely put these skills to good use!

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Lucky Prep W & A!

Lucky Prep W & A!

Today we were very lucky to receive a visit from some very special guests!

Prep W & Prep A were able to play with some very cute and cuddly baby bunnies!

8 7 6 1-2 2 3 49

With thanks to Alex PT, her mum Angela and their family friend Fiona who brought in the rabbits!


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Team Work With The Preps!

Team Work With The Preps!

This term the Preps have been learning about Getting Along and team work! We have been working in teams to support and encourage each other when completing tasks.

We competed in 3 legged races, worked together to push team mates on wheelie boards and learned the importance of an end of activity handshake!

See the photos below!

1 2 3 45 6711

10 9 8 131214

15 16


It was heaps of fun and we learned some life long skills!

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Vista Valley Visit!

Vista Valley Visit!


Some of Belle Vue’s junior choir headed along to Vista Valley kindergarten in Bulleen.

The choir performed ‘Brave’ for a very captivated audience! With only 6 members able to come along, they were also very brave when singing for the kinder kids.

Then Ms Anstee read a wonderful story about winter.


We followed up by making a winter picture with the kids, with our Belle Vue students helping out.


Thanks to everyone who helped out and came along.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and hopefully we some Vista Valley kids at Belle Vue in the future!

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Yarraleen Kinder Visit

Yarraleen Kinder Visit


Ms Woodhouse, Mrs Paterson & Mr Robinson took members of our Junior Choir to Yarraleen kinder today.

The choir sang ‘Fight Song’ beautifully for the 4 year old Rainbow group.

Then Mr Robinson sang with the kids, taught them about keeping the beat and loud and soft sounds.


The Junior Choir sang ‘Brave’ to finish off our time at the kinder.

The kinder kids had a great time with our school students and the Junior Choir should be very proud of the way they conducted themselves.

Thanks to Chris and the kinder students at Yarraleen, and everyone who was involved today.

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Building Strong Foundations! Our First Session!

Building Strong Foundations! Our First Session!


We held our first ‘Building Strong Foundations’ session on Friday, to begin the transition into Belle Vue.

Lots of eager and excited kids and parents attended the session run by Ms. Woodhouse in the Prep W classroom.


We made caterpillars, looked for letters, sang songs and talked about our favourite animals.

A great time was had by all and we can’t wait to see some more happy faces at the next session.

BSF 2 – Monday June 6th 9.30 – 10.15am – Music – with Mr Robinson

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Open Night At Belle Vue!


It was all hands on deck for the Belle Vue Primary School open information night.

All staff spoke beautifully about their level and all the wonderful things going on at Belle Vue.


Thanks to everyone who contributed to the evening. We hope we’ve encouraged a few enrolments for our wonderful school.


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Collecting Data with Prep W!

Collecting Data with Prep W!


Prep W spent their maths session collecting data about their favourite colours.


Each student asked every classmate to choose a favourite colour out of the 4 they had selected.


We will then use this data to create a pictograph!

Great work everyone!

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Prep 50 Days of School Assembly!

Prep 50 Days of School Assembly!

50 Days

Well done to all the Preps on completing their first 50 days of school.

Everyone sang and spoke beautifully and confidently.

We are looking forward to the next 50 days and beyond!

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Preps Enjoy Their First Cross Country!

Preps Enjoy Their First Cross Country!

The Preps were super excited to experience their first school Cross Country Day.

All the houses were cheering loudly and the Preps were brimming with excitement, ready to run 500m!


Go Monash!

Go Monash!


Go Macarthur!


Go Chisholm!


Well done girls!


Well done boys!

Everyone ran really well and had a fantastic day!

Thanks for organising Mr K!

We can’t wait for our next whole school event!


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