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5/6 and 1/2 Music

5/6 and 1/2 Music

The year 5/6 and 1/2 students enjoyed playing two of their favourite games in music this week.

Mishka beat mve     James R beat mve

The first game is called Moving Detectives. One student is chosen as the leader and one student is chosen as the detective. Students stand in a circle and when the music starts the leader moves to the music and the class copies their dance moves. The detective has three guesses to pick the leader.

Robson det 2    5:6 boys dance

The second game is called The Beat Goes Round The Room. In this game students stand in a circle and pass the phrase around the room keeping a steady beat. If they miss a beat they are out! There are a number of variations such as, using funny voices and adding movement.

Alex beat mve    Claudia beat mve

James P beat mve    Meave beat mve

It was a great day of music lessons with all students demonstrating fair play and expanding their musical skills and knowledge through play.

James B beat mve    Jonathan 1:2 beat mve


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Preps enjoying music lessons

Preps enjoying music lessons

The Preps enjoyed a music lesson exploring high and low sounds through playing instruments.

whole class port copy

This year’s Prep class is the biggest we have had for several years. They are an excellent cohort and they love their music lessons.

Julias copy


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