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Responsible Pet Ownership Education

Responsible Pet Ownership Education

Last week Prep W and Prep G students were lucky enough to have a visit from Coral and Morgan (Great Dane) from the Responsible Pet Ownership Education Program.

We learnt how to look after our pets and keep them safe by:

  • getting them micro-chipped
  • taking them to the Vet for yearly check-ups and vaccinations
  • making sure they are wearing their collar with identification
  • ensuring they have water every day

We also learnt to recognise:

  • times when we should leave dogs alone
  • the warning signs given by dogs
  • how to safely approach and greet a dog
  • what to do if we are approached by an aggressive dog

Some lucky students got to practice how to safely approach and greet a dog with Morgan the Great Dane. He was such a beautiful and gentle dog (and humongous!) They practiced asking the owner for a pat first, approaching the dog slowly with a closed fist and allowing it to smell them, then gently patting the dog’s side. All the student’s loved meeting Morgan!

Mikayla liam carlos resp pet  IMG_5180 edited

Thank you again to Coral and Morgan from the Responsible Pet Ownership Program for coming in to visit us at Belle Vue!

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Prep Scientists exploring Weather!

Prep Scientists exploring Weather!

In Prep, our Integrated topic for this term is ‘Weather in my World’.

This week the ‘Big Question’ we explored in Prep G was ‘how and why does it rain?’

We began by thinking about when after it rains and there’s puddles on the ground, where does the rain go? Does it just disappear? How?

We looked at the water cycle and learnt about how rain can evaporate into water vapor and go up to the sky to make clouds.

We looked at videos and discussed how clouds go a darker colour when it may rain soon! We learnt that it begins to rain, snow or hail when the water vapor gets too heavy in the clouds.

We then tested this idea with a ‘Rain Cloud in a Cup’ experiment! We created our rain clouds using shaving cream, and predicted how many rain drops (made up of food colour & water) we thought the cloud could hold before it ‘rained’. We then did a ‘write up’ of our experiment – drawing diagrams labelling the materials we used and explaining what we learnt from the experiment.

IMG_5241 IMG_5233

We had so much fun and are looking forward to more weather science experiments throughout the term!

IMG_5218 IMG_5225 IMG_5229 IMG_5235 IMG_5232 IMG_5240 IMG_5239 IMG_5215 IMG_5209  IMG_5213 IMG_5237 IMG_5217

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Multiplication in Prep G

Multiplication in Prep G

In Prep G we have been learning about Multiplication! It has been very exciting learning this completely new concept for the students.

Students began exploring multiplication by creating equal groups using play dough.

They worked out their answer by creating their equal groups, then showed their working out through drawings.

IMG_5158 IMG_5153 IMG_5148 IMG_5150

We continued our practice using counters to make equal groups!

IMG_5173 IMG_5174

We then explored worded multiplication problems. Students created their own cookie posters, multiplying the number of cookies by the amount of M&M’s on each cookie.

IMG_5244 IMG_5243

We are excited to keep learning and practicing our multiplying skills!

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Prep W & Prep G’s Wildlife Incursion

Prep W & Prep G’s Wildlife Incursion

This term our Prep students have been learning all about Animals throughout their integrated studies topic ‘Staying Alive’.

Throughout this topic we have been learning about:
-Living vs Non-Living Things
-Endangered and Extinct Animals
-Animal Habitats and Diets
-Classifying animals into Animal Groups including mammals, reptiles, fish, insects, amphibians and birds
-How we can help protect animal habitats

To celebrate our learning, on Friday we had Aussie Wildlife Displays come and run an incursion with us! We got to touch and learn about many different animals, including different pythons, lizards, a black cockatoo, a quoka, a wombat and even a baby crocodile!

IMG_4810 IMG_4815 IMG_4817 IMG_4847 IMG_4866 IMG_4868 IMG_4881 IMG_4903 IMG_4901 IMG_4859

We had a fantastic time! It was amazing to see all these animals – some of them being severely endangered!

Thank you Aussie Wildlife Displays for a fantastic Incursion!

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Celebrating Book Week at Belle Vue!

Celebrating Book Week at Belle Vue!

DSC09846 DSC09808 DSC09910

What a fantastic day we had celebrating Book Week at Belle Vue!

We started our day off by having a parade – showing off our wonderful costumes! Students and staff of the Belle Vue community dressed as their favourite character from a book that they treasure. Everyone looked brilliant!

DSC09838 DSC09782 DSC09872

DSC09781 DSC09796 DSC09858

DSC09879 DSC09825

DSC09866 DSC09850

Students then enjoyed exploring some of the 2018 shortlisted books through rotational activities.

We ended our day with a fantastic incursion called ‘Treasure Hunt!’

DSC09887 DSC09913 DSC09903 DSC09897

Thank you to everyone who contributed to such a fantastic day!

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100 Days of Prep!

100 Days of Prep!

Our lovely preps have reached 100 Days of School! We enjoyed a special assembly on Friday celebrating all the learning and hard work they have been doing in their first 100 Days!

We started our assembly by singing some songs for everyone!



Then each student did a speech on what they have learnt and enjoyed in their first 100 days of school. Each student did such a fantastic job of speaking confidently! We are very proud!


Congratulations to all the preps on such a fantastic start to their school life!

edited 2

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Exploring Capacity in Prep!

Exploring Capacity in Prep!

During week 3 our Prep students were learning all about measuring capacity!

We discussed terms such as ‘full’, ’empty’ and ‘half empty’ and practiced measuring the capacity of a range of containers.

We predicted the capacity of containers, ordering them from least to most, then checked to see if we were right!

We used water, sand, rice and pasta! It was lots of fun!

unnamed1 unnamed3 unnamed4 unnamed6 unnamed2 unnamed5

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Multicultural Day in Prep!

Multicultural Day in Prep!

Our prep students had a great time celebrating their first Multicultural Day at Belle Vue Primary!

We learnt about and celebrated all our different cultural backgrounds! All students looked fantastic dressed up in an outfit that represents their cultural background!

We learnt about lots of different cultures around the world, created harmony paper chains and also learnt about Chinese New Year and created Chinese Dragon masks!

IMG_2980 IMG_3028 IMG_3026 IMG_2992 IMG_2995 IMG_3024

We loved the incursion performance about two sailors who discovered lots of different countries!

IMG_3003 IMG_3007

All students enjoyed an Italian lunch which included Pizza and Gelato! It was delicious!

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ICT program!

ICT program!

The prep students have been having a fabulous time during ICT lessons on Thursdays with Ric!

We have been learning about the functions of all the buttons on the keyboard and have been practicing finding the letters quickly! We are getting faster each week! We have also been practicing using the mouse pad!

We have discussed how to act safely with laptops,  ensuring we are always responsible and careful with them.

We love ICT lessons and are super excited to keep practicing and improving our computer skills!

IMG_2782  IMG_2779_LI  IMG_2781_LI  IMG_2776  

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